May 21, 2011

The Crazy Coupon Lady!

Don't get to excited about this post.  I computer is still MIA.  I am using a computer at the public library when I can get to town and get a chance to use it.  Now that summer has started many more people are in line for the computers at the library now.  I have to wait my turn and then I only get about 45 min one it at a time.  That's not much time to do everything I need, which includes checking on my accounts, bills, emails, my blog, and much more. 

I have had more time at home since I don't have a computer.  I have been asked if I have a cleaner house or if I just find myself with so much more time, but the truth is I only find my nights with more time.  That was when I did most of my computer time.  Will was in bed and Hubby was at work.  Now I just watch a little more tv. 

I have been watching that show Extreme Couponing on TLC.  My Goodness!  They are some lucky ladies.  In some ways they make me excited about couponing and in other ways they make me very upset about it.  You see, I have been couponing for about 4 years or so and since the show has come out, all of a sudden I have been seen as the crazy coupon lady every time I walk in a store with my coupon collection.  They see the binder and just have to stop and ask me all kinds of questions about couponing,  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the questions and am more than happy to show someone how it all works, but the ideas this show gives people is just not practical for where we live. 

The store in my area are not the best for couponing.  Because I live in a smaller area the store don't have to compete and so, they don't offer as many deals or double or triple coupons.  The one store that does double and triple coupons only does one for each item, no matter how many you have.  This makes it hard to get all the deals they show on tv.  Those women could never come here and get $1,000 worth of groceries for under $10.00 much less free.  And they need all that stuff?  That is almost like hording.  I have a stock pile, but it only takes up a little room.  Not my entire house.  There is no toilet paper stacked up in my shower or under my son's bed!  I only buy it if I am going to use it or know someone else who will.

I happily couponed for years with no one judging me.  Now I am judged every time I pull out my coupons.  I love couponing and will continue to do so, but I must say that it is getting harder.  I have taught friends of mine to coupon and share there joy over their good deals just as they do with me.  I was overjoyed with my deal of the month.  I got 26 packages of Kool-Aid for $0.02!  I have also scored a free Glade Candle, a free can of pasta and meatballs, cake mix, mustard, bar-b-q sauce, and Tabasco for almost nothing.  That was just this week. 

Couponing is a lifestyle though.  You have to do your homework and know your rules.  And please, don't clear out the shelves!  Someone else may have only one coupons for apple sauce and can't even use it if there are no more on the shelf.

Ok, I let out most of my frustration over the couponing show.  Now I just wanted to share the fortune I got last week in a fortune cookie.  It was so fitting and since this is the first fortune cookie I got in years, I was just blown away by it.  Here it is....

A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist.


  1. I love that fortune! It's so true! I'm horrible about buying things that I have absolutely no need for simply because it was such a great deal!

  2. I coupon too - but I agree with you. What I've seen on the show is over-the-top, and I hate when people clear the shelves. How selfish. Stores around here generally don't double coupons either.