August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!!!!

My baby boy turns 3 years old today! I am so proud of him. He has grown into a healthy, happy, smart beyond belief, loving, caring little boy. At the same time I feel like crying. Where is my baby and him little diapers and baby bottles. He gave those up a long time ago. Now its big boy underwear and real food for him. I am such a cry baby.

We had his big birthday party Saturday. All our family and friends came over to our house. I made him a Bob The Builder cake and he got tons of gifts. His big gift from us, his Pee Paw and Mee Maw (hubby's Parents), and Paw Paw Billy (my Dad) was a ride on John Deere Tractor. He has wanted this for over a year. It was always out of your budget. But with our parents help, this year he finally got it.

I wanted to surprise him with it. I wanted to get it, put it together, and have it charged for him in the morning. Well, it did not happen this way. Hubby wanted to give it to him right away. So Friday evening, when hubby got off of work, we rode out to Walmart. Of course they did not have one. We came home with a very upset little boy. We called every Walmart on this side of Louisiana. Finally we found a store that had one. I raced over to get it thinking Will would fall asleep waiting for me. I was wrong. That child stayed awake until I got it home and his Daddy put it together. That turned out to be 1:00 in the morning. He said he just wanted to sit on it. So Cute!!! And So Annoying by 1:00 am!!

This is Will at 1:00 am. Sitting on his new tractor in his Bob The Builder PJs.

The next day everything went so great. He had his party and lots of kids to play with. We made hot dogs and had cake. That evening we cooked for the friends and family that stayed to visit. Its not everyday we can get so many loved ones together in one place. All the preparations and cleaning before and after were well worth it.

This is him opening one of his many gift from friends and family. He had so many gifts he got tired of opening them and wanted to stop so he could go play.

Happy Birthday Will!!! We Love You!!!

August 28, 2009

Smells So Good!!!

I have never had my mail box smell so good. Yesterday my mail lady delivered my gift from Diane, over at TART N CANDLE ADDICT. She had a great giveaway earlier in the month and I won! (Yes, my luck is definitely changing!) She sent me some great tarts. They smell so great! I spent all evening smelling them. I would go back to the counter just to pick one up and smell it. My son has now developed the same habbit. He told me he has to smell each color.

You can check out her store at She also has some great deals going on. Check out her blog here to find out more. Like a free tart with your purchase and a 10% off discount. Feel free to contact her and let her know you herd about her from Joshlin at Saving Moms Sanity.

By the way, the scents she sent me are Sun Washed Linen, China Rain, White Plum Chutney, Strawberries and Cream, Orange Kiwi, Maple, and Grandma's Kitchen. They all smell so great! I don't yet know which is my favorite. I like them all so much. Will likes the pink the best. That one is White Plum Chutney!

She also sent me a great bar of Rojeka's Skin Care Amethyst Glycerin Soap and a tube of Rojeka's Skin Care Peppermint Lip Balm from This is also a great store to check out.

Just paying it Forward!

August 27, 2009

Saving Money Feels Great!

I went to my local grocery store (Market Basket) with their sale paper in hand and coupons in my purse. My total when I checked out was $67.01 before the sale prices and coupons where applied. What I paid out of pocket was $40.10. My total saving was $26.91. I left with a great feeling and lots of groceries. I got 2 packs of Tyson chicken legs, a pack of sirloin boneless pork chops, a 5 lb bag of potatoes, a pack of bologna, 5 cans of corn, 6 Yoplait yogurt cups, a can of Betty Crocker cake frosting, a 40 oz bottle of Hinze ketchup, a 20 oz bottle of French's mustard, 3 large yellow onions, a box of Chips Ahoy cookies, a box of Red Diamond tea bags, 2 5lb bags of sugar, 2 gallons of Hawaiian Punch, a 12 pack of Coca-Cola, and a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper.

Wow, I didn't realize how much I had. Market Basket has good sales time to time. Plus they double any coupon 50 cents or under. I needed more groceries than this but, I will get them later at Walmart. Some things are cheaper there because they can get things in bulk or put their own brand out.

I just wanted to share this feeling for a minute. Thanks for listening.

Yard Work

Today was the day I planed to cut the grass in the yard. It rained a lot yesterday and I was not sure it would be dry today. I wanted to get the yard ready for Saturday. This is the day we will have Will's birthday party!

He has talked about this party non stop. He is so excited. I am too. How could I not be. He is my only little man. I only get to celebrate my child's birthday once a year. Even though I have trouble accepting the fact that he is growing up and no longer really a baby, I still want to give him the best memories possible. My goal in life is to be a great Mother and Wife! I want that to be my greatest accomplishment.

Back to the yard. Will loves to cut grass. So, he rode on the mower with me almost the whole time. I do hold on to him really tight. I am a paranoid mom, but I can't deni him the joy of riding along. After the yard is cut he gets his toy lawn mower out and pretends he cut the yard all by himself.

Yes he is pretending to cut the dirt and rocks in the driveway too. He is thorough.

August 26, 2009

It's Ok Mommy, It's Just Blood!!!

This was my sons words to me a little while ago. "It's ok mommy, it's just blood!" Just Blood!! Since when does a 2 year old say something like that. Usually he would be screaming!!! I don't get it. When did he start growing up?

It was just a little blood. He scratched an old mosquito bite on his leg. But really!! Just Blood!! I can't get over it. This is the child that falls down and if he knows you saw, cries like there will be no tomorrow....This just blows my mined.

I just had to write about this. Maybe it will seem better to me in he morning, but right now I don't know what to think.

My baby is growing up. I may be the one crying!

Nothing New

I have nothing really new to tell you all about. Today started as any other day. I had a WIC appointment at 10.45 am in a town 20 miles or so away. That was a long day in itself. I get there at 10:25 and don't get done until 12:10. So what do I do all that time? I sit and wait. You wait in one room for about 30 or so minutes and then fill out a paper about what you kid eats and drinks. Then you sit in a different room until they call your name. Then you let them measure and weigh him. ( Will is now 3 feet 2 1/2 inches tall and 34 lb. He is in the top 76% of kids his age.) Then you wait. They call you in for a meeting with the nurse so the can tell you your kids growing normal. You wait back in the waiting room again until you are called to get your vouchers, then get to leave. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I need all the help I get. It is just a long process. You would think it would be a little more organized time wise. Not many of the kids can sit still this long and not give any trouble.

When I was working, we made a good 80 thousand a year. Now that we had a child and I stay home that has gone down dramatically. We are lucky to make 2 thousand a month. And that is a lot considering only one of us works. We always took it for granted when we both worked. I had a good job that payed well and my hubby did too. He even worked a lot of overtime. Now that is all different. I don't work and his job took a hit with the economy. He now has a different job. This one will be better the longer he is there.

Now Will gets WIC and Medicaid. We could not make it without this. We talked about me going back to work, but everything is different now. The economy is crazy. For me to go back to work I would need to make more than I was. Which is not going to happen. Gas and day care would just eat up my check. So why go to work just to pay someone else to watch my child. I don't think so.

Now back to my day. We ate at Burger King (this was not planed, but I did have a coupon for a 99 cent kids meal with a purchase of a value meal thanks to the Sunday paper. My total for lunch was $5.10!) and then came home. We got home just before it rained. Thank you God!!! The weather report on the radio told of hail and such in the neighboring parish. I am sure it is on its way here. On that note I will get off the computer and shut it down because of the weather. Yes, I do have a good power cord, but why take chances.

August 25, 2009

The Magic of the Water

Little kids love water. Need I say more. My son is no exception. Aunt Jenny's birthday is today and she had a swimming party. I called it a party but, it was only her, her son Jaydon ( my first godchild), me and my son Will. This is the closest we have come to a swimming party that I can remember.

Jaydon was a born water baby. At 10 months old he can paddle that water with his feet to no end. Will is a bit different. He loves water but not so much swimming. He is a scaredy cat. He finally let me pull him around in his floaty. By the end he was loving it. It takes so long to get him comfortable.

We may swim again this afternoon. I will try to remember to bring my camera this time.

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

As I said in an earlier post, today is my dad's birthday. He is 53 years old and in 7 days Will is going to be 3. Here is a picture of the two of them together that I took today.

My dad works on a rice farm, and we are in the middle of harvest season. During this season we never get to see him. He is working from sun up till midnight sometimes. So, today we made a trip to the rice bins. This is a place I don't go often because of my allergies, but today was all about Paw Paw Billy! They both had a blast. My dad got to spend some time with Will and show him how it all works, and Will got to be with Paw Paw! My dad even let Will get in the eighteen wheeler while he moved it in the yard. This is my dad moving the rice from the truck to the bins.

I am a proud daughter!! My dad can hang with the best of them!

Happy Birthday Dad!! I Love You!!

WOW!! The Weather is Amazing!!

I just went out side to put my trash at the road, and I was blown away. The weather in Louisiana has been! The last few days have been so great though. We had a cool front come in and now all the humidity is gone! This is so great!!!! It is like 75 degrees out at 10:00 am. Not the usual 89 degrees at this time.

I felt like I walked out of my house and into a different state. Louisiana is known for being hot and humid. Well today is not that way. The only down fall is that the oceans are so hot. They have been telling us on the news that the gulf is so hot, that if a hurricane comes this way we are doomed. We should all be praying right now. My hubby said he thinks they are just trying to scare us. He could be right. I am a big believer in the government hiding some things and making others out to be far worse than they are, just to keep our minds off the things they are doing.

That is enough of that. That would be a whole diffident blog. I am not getting into that now.

Today is a gorgeous day though. I hope everyone else has a great day! I am so happy about the weather I even tweeted about it on twitter!


As I have said before, my son's birthday is at the end of the month. Well, he finally understands the whole birthday party thing. To him a birthday party meant we get to eat cake. Birthday cakes were what he looked forward to. He would go to a party, and sit as close to the table with the cake on it as possible. He would just wait until it was time to cut it. He did not want to be left out of that.

Now that many people have asked him what he wants for his birthday it dawned on him. He gets gifts. He lets me know that he wants everything. He has even told me he wants the little shredded wheat guys on the commercial that help the kids get through the day at school. Wow, to be that age again. Everything seams possible.

He never thought further than himself when he thought about birthdays. He is only going to be 3, so I just had to laugh when he thought the whole world was celebrating his birthday and no other. He was so confused when we told him yesterday was his Pee Paw's birthday (hubby's dad). We did finally get through to him though. That is when he got excited. He helped me make the birthday cake and all. Pineapple Upside Down cake was his birthday cake. It was so good too.

Today is Paw Paw Billy's birthday (my dad), and tomorrow is Aunt Jenny's birthday. We have a lot of celebrating to do. But, Saturday we will have Will's big birthday party. This will be the best of all. When you are 3 you get a lot better party than when you are 52, 53, or 35. As the case is with the names above. Although Aunt Jenny will give his party a run for its money. She is renting a chalet and will have a big pool party.

Next year will be crazier. With all the baby showers going on, we will have lots more birthday parties to go to.

August 22, 2009

Free Child Safety Kit

Go here to get your free child safety kit from ADT. Just fill in your information and you will get it mailed to you.

August 21, 2009

Cooking With My Little Man

My son loves to cook. He has always been fascinated with the kitchen. When he was in a walker he would stay in the kitchen while i cooked. I just thought he loved me so much he wanted to be in the same room I was. Well, now I know. He was just learning the fine art of not burning himself. I was a good one to learn that from. At that time I was just learning the same thing. So, he learned as I did. He should know how to not cut himself too by now. Ha! Ha! This is the very reason I have at least 4 boxes of band aids and 2 Aloe Vera plants.

He is now at the age where I can let him help in the kitchen. I often try to make things he can help me with. Not with supper or anything like that, but with other things. We have made pudding together before. I thought that that was a good place to start. Now he has helped me make Rice Krispie Treats. I don't exactly think that they are all that great, but he loves them. I added a little peanut butter to them and he tears them up.

Today we made banana muffins together. He mainly just stirs. I had bananas that needed to be eaten or go bad, so I thought this would be fun for him to do. I didn't really have a banana muffin recipe, so I just made one up. I have to do some modifications to it now. I learned that I didn't need to use all 3 bananas and I may not really have needed the applesauce I added ether. I would love to find a great cook book that has recipes made for kids. This may mean a trip to the book store in a few weeks.

They fell a little because I opened the oven and showed them to Will. You live and learn! Next time he will just have to look through the oven door.

One day a week

I have been thinking that I need to take one day a week and just do a post about a great blog I found or a great item I have run across. This would give others a chance to see a new site, and me a day to just stay away from the computer, and more time with my son.

Yesterday would have been a good day to start, but my computer did not agree. I set my alarm for earlier than I usually get up because I had plans for the day. I would not be home to do all my computer stuff as usual. Well, my alarm did not go off (because I set it to the time I wanted and set the volume just right but then didn't actually set it) and I was rushing to get out the house. Then on top of that my computer told me that it wanted to take a break and just run a virus scan and that was all. So, no Internet time for me that morning. It is a good thing I had printed my coupons for the day the night before.

I had a shopping trip planed with my Nanny. We started out going to the town 50 or so miles away to shop for baby shower ideas. Then we went to a town about 25 or so miles form that for more shopping. My little man was so wore out. He is not use to that much shopping. We had a great time and found lots of stuff and ideas, but we were ready to be home.

When I got home I had to rush to start dinner. I didn't even know what I was going to cook until I got there. That meant defrosting meat and all. This did go quick though. I fried some chicken breast that I cut into chunks. Will and I eat them just as chicken nuggets, but my hubby likes to cover them in his fav wing sauce ( Louisiana Wildly Wicked Wing Sauce ). That is too much for me. I am not a fan of wing sauce. But, I make this especially for him.

After we ate dinner we had to get back in the truck and drive to another town about 20 miles away to go and get his new blood presser meds. Will was not happy about another shopping trip, but this one was a must. He really needed that medication. I hope this one works the correct way. His last one was way to strong and he almost passed out at work. It really scared us.

The day's shopping trip was not wasted though. I finally broke down and bought a purse. I have been looking for one for a long time, but just couldn't find one I liked. This one was on sale and I finally committed. It is a little more old lady looking than I wanted, but I just don't have the funds for a really trendy one or a name brand on that I wanted. I just love those Kathy Van Zeeland purses.

I also got hubby a pair of pants for get this $5.00 and 3 t-shirts for $3.00 a piece. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Oh my purse was $10.00. That was an ok price. It is not that fabulous anyway.

August 19, 2009

Beware Of The Swine Flu Vaccine!!!!

This is so crazy!! I have heard horrible things about the Swine Flu Vaccine! Now they say that the Vaccine is killing more people than the flu itself! I have been trying to get more info on this before I posted, but getting a strait answer out of anyone is so hard. I will let you decided. Here are a few places on the web that I found a few thoughts.

Mail Online

If anyone out there gets more info please let me know. Fell free to leave me a comment on this subject. I would love to know what everyone else thinks. As for me, I don't think I will allow anyone in my family to get this vaccine until I know a lot more about it!

My Luck Must Be Changing!

I always thought I had bad luck or just no luck at all when it came to winning things. As you have seen in my past posts, I did win two giveaways from Heather at Pinch That Penny 'Till It Screams.

I am now the proud winner of a hooded towel from Nichol at Kiddies Corner Deals . This towel is for my son, but don't I wish it would fit me. It is so nice. It is made of 100% cotton terry, it is so thick and comfy, and it is edged in the cutest fabric....I think the edged fabric is cute because I got to pick it out!..ha! ha!...The towel is made by BeBe au Lait. They are pricey, this one was $40.00 on their web site, but WOW! they are nice. Nichol has other giveaways going on, so be sure to go and check her out.

This is Will modeling his new towel. He had a fit when I told him he could not use it 'till I washed it. He wanted to use it as soon as he got out the bath. Unfortunately the UPS man always passes our house pretty late. We are last on his rout. Please forgive the messy house! I never noticed the shampoo bottles, bath toys, and toilet paper when I took the picture. I only noticed it after the picture was loaded in my computer!

August 18, 2009

So Young and Easy to Please

At 2 years old, ( ok almost 3, I just can't let my baby go) Will is so easy to please. At a young age simple things can please children. When I told my son I would make him popcorn if he ate his dinner, Well you would think I gave him the world! He said "I love you mommy! You make me so happy!". What could I say to that. I wish popcorn would still make him happy at 10 or 12. I have a feeling it wont though..... Oh that is enough! I should be happy with my baby in the present and not worry about him getting big and leaving mommy. :( I just can't help it.

So, back to the popcorn. While it was only microwave popcorn he kept telling me "Mommy you make the best popcorn." My heart sings I tell you. He is so precious. You would never know that only an hour before this I took a quick trip to the local grocery store, and he took advantage of Daddy. He did something he would have never done if I was around. He marked my ice box with a marker! Daddy was not happy when he saw that. Will got a good time out on his knees for that one. But, as soon as I got home he surly let me know he was bad. I tell you that child can not lie. He was so sorry. His eyes filled up with tears as he told me what he had done. I could not be mad at him as he explained he would never ever do it again. He was just so darn cute! Daddy had cleaned up the mark and all was well. This may be another reason he has been hugging and kissing me constantly since I got home. I did not punish him again.

Now he is at my side playing I Spy with me as I type. So cute!! I am truly Blessed!!


Gratitude is the only word that I can come up with to explain how I feel at this moment. The Lord has given me so much! We found out my hubby has high blood pressure. Well, today he saw his company doctor. He was given a prescription and now we wait to see if it helps. I have tried to cook with less salt. He has tried to be less stressed over little things. He has been working hard and loosing weight. Now it is in God's hands. The best place for it to be.

Our son is healthy, smart, active, and precious beyond belief. God gave him to us to love, care for, and protect. I think, with his help, we have done a good job so far. I have been doing great with my health also. I am still on the borderline of type 2 diabetes, but I never have been past the borderline. And, I have not had any trouble with it since Will was born. I have also been cancer free for over 3 years now!

We have a great family and great friends. God has definitely blessed us. We have been through hard times like everyone else, but we have made it through. I am sure we have lots of trials before us. I am also sure we will get through those too! I am blessed with being able to stay home with our child. We are blessed with a good home, my husband's job, vehicles that work and have gas in them, bills that get paid (eventually), food in our refrigerator, and people around us who love us.

God does love us and has blessed us!!!! Even in our darkest times, I remember God's love being with us. I pray now that everyone else feels the love that we have continually felt from the Lord or God!

August 17, 2009

WOW!! ...I Really Won!!

I enter giveaways all the time. I never really win. Not till now that is because I finally won! Back in June I won The Mystery Box giveaway at Pinch That Penny 'Till It Screams! This was a great surprise for me. I am one of those people that never win anything. So, I finally won. But I didn't even know what it was that I won. It was a mystery box... Let me tell you, my hubby got a good laugh out of that... When you entered the giveaway you had to leave a comment about what you would like to see in the mystery box. I am a cook book collector, so of course that is what I would have liked to see in it. I never would have guessed that was really what was in the box. To my surprise the day it arrived I opened it up to find not one, but three cookbooks and two sets of colored index cards to write my favorite recipes down. That was so great. Heather at Pinch That Penny 'Till It Screams! was trying to give her readers what they wanted! Now don't get to excited about my winning. I was only one of eight people to enter. So, I had a 1 in 8 chance of winning.

I enter only giveaways that I think I really would like. If the giveaway is something I would probably not use I don't enter. What is the point of winning a set of baby bottles or a breast feeding cover up when I don't need those any more? Someone else could use them way more than I could.

Well, winning my first giveaway gave me great confidence. I entered many more after that on many different blogs. And don't you know I won again. I won the Piece of the Puzzle Affirmative Jewelry Giveaway! I was so excited I swear my heart stopped beating for a few seconds there. I did enter, but did I really expect to win?.. NO! ..So, you can imagine my excitement now. When it came in the mail I could not believe how nice it was.

So, I will continue to enter giveaways and I recommend everyone else to enter also. I have entered giveaways on many different sites, but so far my luck seems to be with Heather! Visit her and try your luck. She has some awesome giveaways going on. You can even get tips on getting fee stuff, finding good deals, and getting great coupons on her blog.

Anyways, Thanks Again Heather! I am just paying it forward!

Allergies and Sinuses!!!!

Well this weekend started out as a miserable one. Friday I was around the rice bins. My dad works on a rice farm and they are full swing into rice cutting season. So, the only time I can see him is when I go to the bins. This is the very place that my allergies started to act up. All that rice dusts! I was just asking for it. That night I could feel my sinuses draining down my throat. I have been on a low dose of over the counter allergy meds. for a while. I took that and a low dose of benadryl with it. I also gave Will his allergy meds. It is only a mater of time before his sinuses go crazy too. This I was not happy about. No mother ever wants to see her child hurt. Last time his sinuses acted up he ran a high fever and all.

By Saturday morning I felt like I was velcroed to the bed. I could not move for the first 20 min. after I woke up. My hubby just reminded me once I got up I would feel better. Hard to believe, especially while lying there, but he was right. I got up and tried to eat and move around. I took more meds. and waited for Will to wake up. I was very concerned about how he would feel. When he did wake up he was fine. I was very glad but still skeptical. How long before he felt as bad as I did? This had me watching him all day. After lunch I was feeling a bit better. Due to my meds. I am sure.

We had a baby shower to go to, and since we would be in the one town over 50 miles away that had all the stores, we wanted to take advantage of that. So, we did our shopping for Will's birthday party in two weeks. We also visited with our friends that live in the area. Will never showed any signs of getting sick, but I was still worried. The next day I had a shopping trip planed with my Nanny and my cousin who asked me to be the Nanny of her baby. I would have had to leave Will with my hubby because they had no room for him. But, with my head feeling like it would explode at any minute, I didn't want to leave him just as he may be feeling bad. So, I stayed home with him. I took more meds. and gave him his. Sunday morning was a lot like Saturday morning. But, I got up and got dressed and went to church. Then we just stayed home and rested. My hubby, who very rarely get sick, cut grass and cleaned the yard. We had friends come over to visit that afternoon.

All turned out well. I felt like crap and still do, but Will seems to be ok. I must have saved him some misery when I started his meds. when I did.

August 14, 2009


I spent my morning shopping! I plan all week for a shopping trip. I live in a small town. We have one grocery store, which is a small chain store called Market Basket. We also have a few gas stations, some of which sell smoked meats and such. Those smoked meats and such are a Louisiana person's heaven. But, the only other thing we have in our town is a Dollar General and a Family Dollar. Oh, we have the local jewelry and flower shop too.

Needless to say I have to travel at least 20 some odd miles to the nearest Walmart. The closest Kroger, Target, Kmart, Mall, and so on are around 50 miles away. So, I usually only make one trip a week to Walmart. One trip every two weeks if I can make it. I rarely go to the other stores. That would be a great treat for us.

Today was my trip to Walmart. I have not been there in 2 weeks, so my grocery list was a bit long. I planed my trip well. I had my coupons ready. I did my shopping and was ready to check out. Of course I had the most aggravated cashier in the place to check me out. I should have picked better. I usually can feel them out as I stand in line. But, with a 2 year old pulling on me telling me that he is so so so hungry, I didn't notice the bad mood. The rain clouds pored as she looked at my stack of coupons. I almost put them away and just paid for everything cash. That is when I remembered that this was my money and nobody was going to make me spend more than I should. She did not agree. She took every coupon I had and read it looking for a way to void it. She even called her manager to check them out. In the end she found two I couldn't use. Anyone else would have let me. One she swore I copied, which I Did Not! My printer ink was low and it was not as bright as it could have been. The other she said I used one just like it and could not use two. Even though I had two items in my cart and two coupons. One for each. She was not having any of that.

Then to my horror the customers behind me started not to quietly commenting about my large amount of coupons. The cashier started turning around and making faces to the other cashier behind her. As if to say "Everyone trying to get something for nothing." Well, I held my head up high and told her to take the items out of the bags and off my total if I couldn't use my coupons for them. This gave her more work to do. She did not like me after that. I paid my bill and smiled so sweetly to her, and said " Wow I saved $15.00 off my bill! Some items where even free after the coupons." She was speechless. I walked out with my head held high.

I am not the best couponer but I do know that I should not pay full price for something just because the cashier would rather not bother with my coupons. I should have marched myself right over to the manager and reported her bad behavior, but I had seen the manager and knew that would have been no use. As for the customers who where behind me, they sure where surprised when I mentioned how much I saved. I bet they start looking more closely at coupons form now on.

Thanks for letting me vent a little!

August 12, 2009

Schwan's Came Through!

Today was the day that I was supposed to get my Schwan's delivery. They had the $10.00 in free food for new customers. Even the delivery was free! Can't beat that! So, I had to try it. I ordered chocolate cookie dough. Mmmm. Well I was not charged anything and the man just pulled up about 30 minutes ago. I got a box of pre cut cookies. WOW! I thought it was just going to be this big tub of cookie dough that I would have to break a spoon to get it out.

On the Schwan's web sit they had all kinds of good looking food for under $10.00 that I could have bought. I chose chocolate cookie dough because, well why not. Life is to short to not have enough desert in our lives. Besides, I could not have ordered anything better for my little boy. He could not wait for the cookies to be done. Then when he found out he had to wait for them to cool. He!He! You should have seen his face. I made 2 dozen right away. Bless the Schwan's man! He even gave me a catalog and told me I could order any time online and he would gladly deliver. I think a certain 2 year old got the best of him. Will's eyes where about to pop out of his head when he saw that truck pull up in our yard. He even stood at the door and watched it leave. I think in his mind that man was as good as Santa! I think next time I order I will try their Monster Mania Ice Cream Pizza. That just looks and sounds like a little bit of heaven!


I am a constant complainer when it comes to my son growing up. I loved having a baby. He was a big baby, ( I have been know to say I had a toddler and not a baby) but he is still my baby. His baby bed is a 4-in-1 convertible bed. He has been sleeping in it as a toddler bed for some time now. I have the same bedding on it that has been on it since before he was born. That includes the crib bumpers.

My son is one of those babies that did not sleep. He took 30 min. to 1 hr. long naps all day and night. For the first year of his life I was on of those moms who got no sleep. He would sleep for his 30 min. to 1 hr. and be awake for 2 hrs. I sleep 10 to 20 min. here and there. Yes! It was that bad. He still is not much of a sleeper. at 18 days short of this 3rd birthday now he takes one nap in the day time. (This is a must or I have a very uncooperative kid by dinner time.) And at night he usually wakes up 2 to 3 times a night.

I figured he was getting a bit older and may not need the bumpers on his bed any more. I just had them on it to make me feel better. I have gotten rid of almost all his baby stuff so far and, his crib set is one of my last things left. Especially since he sleeps with his Bob The Builder pillow case and blanket now. So, I took his bumper of to wash it and just did not put it back on.

It took me 2 weeks of very little sleep at night to realize he needed the bumpers on his bed just as much as I needed to see them there. I didn't know he liked to push against them when he slept. It was much softer than pushing on the bars of the crib side. He lets his favorite stuffed animals sleep closer to the open side of his bed.

I was never so happy to put my baby his bumpers back on his bed. Now we are back to only waking up 2 or 3 times a night. I can't wait till he sleeps all night! I only wonder when that will be. Maybe by the time he is in school. I can dream can't I!

This is his crib set. You can't see the bed skirt but, other than that this is how it looks. I love it. I picked it out though so that my be why I like it so much.

August 11, 2009

Free Diaper Samples

Here are some free diaper samples, coupons, and other baby things that I have found. Just enter your info. and you will get your samples in the mail. Some coupons in the mail. And some of the coupons are printable.

  1. Huggies Pure and Natural sample mailed to your home.

  2. Luvs diaper coupon mailed to your home.

  3. Desiten diaper rash $1.00 off coupon to print.

  4. Johnson and Johnson printable coupons.

  5. Grandma El's diaper rash remedy & prevention sample. (This will come in supper fast I got mine already.)

  6. Huggies coupons to be printed.

I am going to be a Nanny!

I got some great news yesterday. My cousin asked me to be her baby's Nanny! I am so happy. When she asked me I almost cried. I have been hoping that she would ask me since I found out she was pregnant. I had been telling my hubby for some time that I wanted to be her little baby girl's Nanny. So, when she called and asked me the tears almost answered for me. My hubby looked at me from across the room with worried eyes. When I said the word Nanny he smiled so big. He knew exactly who it was I was talking to by that one word. I think he is just as happy as I am.

I can't wait to go and buy all the beautiful little girl stuff out there. I love having a boy, but every time I see the cute little dresses and pink little things I cant help but say "Oh,look how cute!" to any one near me. Now I can finally get those things. I feel so blessed! I have the greatest little boy that God could have given me and now I will be the Nanny of a gorgeous and soon to be spoiled little girl! Every parent says that the don't want their child spoiled, but they can forget it. All kids are. This one will be no exception if I or anyone else in my family has anything to say about it.

In honer of this great news I will be posting all the free samples and coupons of baby items I can find. For more samples and coupons visit the web sites that I have on the right side of my page. Some of the best sites for samples and coupons and just plain good deals are Pinch That Penny Till' It Screams and Free Sample Freak.

August 10, 2009

Our Zoo Trip!

Sunday my cousins and I brought our kids to the Baton Rouge Zoo. The kids had a blast! They got to see tons of animals. My favorite was the giraffes. I think Will's favorite was the giraffes also. When you ask him he just lists as many of the animals he can remember. But, when he saw those tall giraffes from across the way he just couldn't contain himself. That was my highlight of the day.

This was a great trip for him. He had been to a zoo before, but this zoo was 100 times better. Almost every exhibit was full. He saw a wide range of animals. They even had a place where you could pet some of the animals.

The only draw back was that it was hot. Very hot. The zoo may be one of those places that you just have to go in the fall or deal with the heat. They did have cooling stations though. With misting fans and all. That was nice.

The very last thing we did was ride the little train that goes through the zoo. Will loves trains. This was the perfect end to out zoo trip. We rode the train and got a little cool breeze at the same time.

August 7, 2009

My Week

Ok! Ok! I have not updated a post lately. I have been reading a great series of books. I will let you know all about it when I am done. I feel that in the mean time I am not giving Will the time he needs from me. I took him to the library one day this week. He loves the library. This was a bummer of a trip. They have a computer set up for small kids that helps them learn letters, numbers, colors, and such while learning to use a computer. He just likes to be able to play a computer that he wont get in trouble for messing with. Well, they only have one of these computers and a little girl was on it. He waited and waited and waited. But this little girl could care less about taking turns. Her parent was no where to be seen. Even though they have a sign right over the computer that said Do Not Leave Children Unattended At The Computer!

So we came home after I did my errands in town. He did get a sticky ball out of a machine at Market Basket though. He loves those things. He usually gets a sticky hand. He was so excited with the ball. He is still playing with it. He throws it on the wall and it just sticks to it. Slowly it will roll down the wall. He even make it stick to the ceiling. It hung out there for hours. Until my hubby came home to get it down.

He wanted to play outside every day this week. He is an outside loving kid let me tell you. It was so hot that I let him play for 20 min. one day and then made him go inside. His little cheeks where so red. His hair was matted to his head. Oh, my little baby!

The next day was a little cooler, so I put sunscreen on him and we ventured outside. My truck could use a good wash, so I pulled out the water hose and a bucket of soap. We had a truck washing/get wet and cool party right there in the yard! That was fun.

Tomorrow we plan to spend time with our friends that just had the baby. He will have a good time there. And he doesn't know it yet, but my cousin and I are taking him to the Baton Rouge Zoo. He will love it. I will post about it on Monday.

To update on my hubby's Grandmother. She took a turn for the better. She opened her eyes and tried to talk. Well the doc said this is good, but it is only a matter of time. So, we wait and pray that God is doing what is right. I know she is in his hands.

August 6, 2009

$10.00 In Free Food

Schwan's Food Service is giving away $10.00 in free food the new customers. You have to try early in the day to get this. I think it is reset every day for now. I don't know when it ends. But, let me tell you I did it. I picked chocolate chip cookie dough. Now all I have to do is wait for it. It was free. Shipping was free too! They have a ton of different things to pick from that are $9.99 or less. ( It must be 9.99 or less to qualify for this. ) I wanted some of that good looking ice cream, but my little Will has sensitive teeth to cold. He loves cookies though. Let me know if you try it and tel me what you picked for your free food! I can't wait to see that big yellow truck pull up in my yard! I will feel so rich!

August 4, 2009

Walmart's Pantry Stimulus Package

Walmart has a stimulus package with some coupons I thought you may like. I will try some out. They have coupons for :

  • $1.00 off Piggies in Pancakes

  • $1.00 off 2 Olde Hearth Bagles

  • $1.25 off RingO's Chicken Rings

  • $0.75 off Great Day All Natural Eggs

Our Weekend

This weekend was a crazy one as always. My hubby was only told he would work half a day Saturday. This was fine. Overtime is welcome in this house! We did have plans for Saturday afternoon though. We had a birthday party to go to. Well, as always it did not happen the way we planed. Isn't that a shocker! So, he worked all day. Then we went to the party. Late! Will had a blast at the part and we got to visit with friends we don't get to see as much as we would all like. So it did work out, but boy where we all tired. The party was for one of their daughters. Will was the only boy at the party. That didn't spoil his fun. He had all those girls loving on him in an hour. They played chase and hide and seek with him. He was in heaven. I have never seen a 2 year old get so much attention from girls that range in age from around 6 to 17. He is a lady's man that is for sure.

Sunday was going to be our day of rest. Well, that did not happen as we planed. We woke up too late to go to church. We ended up going shopping for this week and hopefully most of next weeks groceries. Plus Sunday night I cooked for my husbands dad and us again. I think cooking on the weekend should not be so tiring.

Monday was no exception to the crazy weekend. My hubby's Grandmother has been in the nursing home. Monday we were told she would not make it through the next few days. Her brain has already gone. We have lots of family coming in. I may not be making more posts for a while. This is a hard time for our family. While we knew the time was approaching we still must grieve.