August 6, 2009

$10.00 In Free Food

Schwan's Food Service is giving away $10.00 in free food the new customers. You have to try early in the day to get this. I think it is reset every day for now. I don't know when it ends. But, let me tell you I did it. I picked chocolate chip cookie dough. Now all I have to do is wait for it. It was free. Shipping was free too! They have a ton of different things to pick from that are $9.99 or less. ( It must be 9.99 or less to qualify for this. ) I wanted some of that good looking ice cream, but my little Will has sensitive teeth to cold. He loves cookies though. Let me know if you try it and tel me what you picked for your free food! I can't wait to see that big yellow truck pull up in my yard! I will feel so rich!


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