February 28, 2010

Quotable Sunday-Friends

Today on Quotable Sunday I have decided to do quotes on friends. I am not one to usually have a ton of friends. I am more likely to describe them as acquaintances. The real friends I have are few and far between. I have never had a real true blue will always be there no mater what friend. That title would go to my Husband! He is my true best friend.

So, to all the new girl friends I have recently met, this is for you! Enjoy!

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty. ~Sicilian Proverb

The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. ~Elbert Hubbard

If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Comfort. ~Adabella Radici

Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer. ~Author Unknown

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked. ~Author Unknown

Do you have some quotes to share? Come on over to A Daily Dose of Toni and link on up!

February 27, 2010

Saturday's Giveaways!

Some of the giveaways that I soooooo want to win this week are!

Preparing For Our Children's Future is giving away an ~Oh Nelly~ Tea Set or Checkers Set-Ends 3/11

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Mass Hole Mommy is giving away a Misikko's Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron-Ends 2/28

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Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife is giving away a Baby Star Rock The Tote-Ends 2/27-THAT'S TODAY!!! HURRY!!!!

My Shiney Objects is giving away a Mama's Nest Locket-Ends 3/4

Raising My 4 Sons is giving away a Photo Bracelet from Everything 4 Mom-Ends 3/11

Good Luck to everyone! If you have a giveaway you want listed here next Saturday let me know!

February 26, 2010

Four Leaf Clovers and All That Jazz

Do you believe in luck? Are you one of those people who seek out those four leaf clovers? I never have been. I believe that every thing was meant to be. I don't believe in luck. I believe that life is how you want to see it.

God has made things happen for a reason. Being late for work because an alarm clock didn't go off saved some from being in that building on 911. Getting the wrong order at the drive through could have just saved you from food poisoning. Not getting a promotion at work might mean getting to spend Christmas with your family. Missing a bus might mean meeting Mr. Right in a taxi.

I have no use for four leaf clovers and don't even mind staying in room number 13 at a hotel. Life is how you make it. As for me, I consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth, because I am happy. I see myself that way anyway.

February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursdays-Stars

Today I am thankful for the stars. No, not the Hollywood stars. I am talking about the beautiful stars that God put in the sky. The stars that twinkle down on us all.

I have always liked the stars. They have that certain charm I guess. I remember as a child, looking up and wondering what they looked like up close. Now, as adult, I use the stars as a reminder of Gods love for us. He made the earth and all that's in it and around it. With all the beauty He made, He still felt the need to made humans. He allows us to live in a place filled with natural wonders.

When I am having a bad day or a hard time with life itself, I use the stars to remind me of Gods love for us. As long as the stars shine above, I can go on because I know God loves me!

What are you thankful for? Take one moment, form one day and write it down. It will make you feel better!

February 24, 2010

Such A Let Down

Well, the local weather man really dropped the ball this time. We got all excited for nothing.

Yesterday I took Will to the library, and as we left the librarian asked Will if he was ready for some more snow. What!!!! More snow!!! Why didn't I hear about this? It was nice an 70 degrees out a few days ago. I remember it so well. We had a nice day at the park. So, how could winter be sending us more snow. We "normally" only get snow here once every 5 to 7 years. So, for us to get snow 4 times in ONE year.....Well that's just crazy. And all this talk about El nino....Lets just say I'm a conspiracy theory believer.

We got home and I looked up the local weather. Sure enough! Snow was an the way! That's when I started getting all excited. I was prepared to wake up to a wonder land rarely seen at my house. At 3:00 am I woke up to rain. At 5:00 am I woke up to no snow. And at 8:00 am when Will got up.....still no snow!

Such a let down.

February 23, 2010

A Heart Catching Necklace!

A good while back, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for a beautiful necklace. This necklace was a Magpie Designz.

It came with two hand stamped sterling silver charms, a gorgeous fresh water pearl, and a sterling silver chain. I chose to put my husband and my name on them.

When my necklace came in, my son asked me where his name was. I then told him that he was my little pearl.....This did not go over so well. He didn't want to be a pearl! I then decided to contact Magpie Designz and request one more charm with my son's name to mach the others.

Let me just say that I have never shopped on Etsy before. At first I was a little intimidated, but the process went really well. I was able to set up an account and contact Emily from Magpie Designz with my request.

Emily was so nice and helpful. She answered all my questions and made the perfect charm for me. Now Will has his name on my necklace and we are all happy! I have been wearing my necklace everywhere. I have gotten so many compliments on it!

This is the necklace that really shows what is in my heart. My family! I couldn't be any happier with it. The jewelry that is offered at Magpie Designz is unbelievable. The quality is great and the prices or perfect. All of her jewelry is hand stamped. They can be personalized with names, initials, birth stones, and design stamps with include choices of cross, bird, heart, lotus flower, winged heart and stars. The possibilities are endless and each one is custom and unique. Go on over and check out her latest collection.

This is just a few of the items listed on her site!

This necklace is mine! What will yours look like?

February 22, 2010

Will And All His Fun!

Will has been cooped up in the house lately with the cold weather and all. So, this weekend he has had some much needed outside time.

Saturday Hubby had to work. I thought that this would would be a good time to take a little trip to Walmart for some spring planting fun, then off to the park we went!

At the store we bought another daffodil plant and a tulip plant. (The picture of the daffodil at the top of this post is from this plant and bloomed just this morning!) I also got a pot to put all my plants in and some tomato seeds. When we got home we transplanted the daffodil and hyacinth plants I got last week, with the two plants I got Saturday into the pot. I saw the store had big pots with these plants mixed, so I figured I could do it too! (For cheaper!)

Saturday was such a beautiful day! It was a nice 70 degrees. It was a bit windy, but so what! It was 70 degrees out!!!! Will and I headed to the park! It was so nice. Will had a blast and much needed outside time.

Sunday we planted the tomato seeds in small cups. I used a Dr Pepper box to hold it all (and keep the mess in). When they start to sprout, it will be warm enough outside to transplant them.

Here is an update of our herb garden. It has started to grow. I feel spring coming!!!!
I was a busy bee with my camera at my side!

February 21, 2010

Quotable Sunday-Food

Food is something we all need and enjoy. (Sometimes a little too much!) So, today I have decided to do quotes on food. To me food is one of the greatest things on Earth. It fuels us, brings us closer together around a table, and is just plain good.

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~Jim Davis

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~Voltaire

Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers

My favorite animal is steak. ~Fran Lebowitz

And my favorite one is............

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato. ~Lewis Grizzard

For more Quotable Sunday's or to add your own visit Toni at A Daily Dose of Toni.

February 20, 2010

Saturday's Giveaways!

Here are some of the great giveaways that I found! I hope I win some, but good luck to y'all too!

Preparing For Our Children's Future is giving away Gaddy Nipper Crayons-Ends 3/8
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Cars, Trucks, and Teething Rings is giving away a $25 Gift card for Toys R Us!-Ends 3/3
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At The Fence is giving away a Wilton Puzzle Cake Set-Ends 3/5

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At Two of a kind, working on a full house they are giving away a Wilton $180 Birthday Party Pack-Ends 3/1

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Oh My Baby is giving away a WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! GO FOR GOLD-DVD-Ends 3/5

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Good Luck to everyone! If you have a giveaway that you would like me to put on my next Saturday's Giveaways let me know! If you are looking for a special kind of giveaway, I would be happy to try and find them for you. Just leave me a comment or email me letting me know.

February 19, 2010

WOW!....Another Award!

I am always surprised when I am given an award. I have been given the great Beautiful Blogger Award from Sarah over at Cars, Trucks, and Teething Rings.

Sarah has a great blog that everyone should go over and read! She has the cutest little boys too!!

The rules to this award are:

•Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.

•Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.

•Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won

•State 7 things about yourself

Well as you all know, I am a rule breaker when it comes to Awards. So I did thank Sarah and put her link up. (Go Visit Her!) But, I will only pass this award to 5 other bloggers. (15 is a lot!) So, I am passing this great award to.....(in no particular order)....

Molly over at Crocheting My Best With My Worsted.

Tiffy over at His Little Mrs.

Carrie over at Over Thirty Mommy.

Cindy over at She Sapkles.

Shelley over at Shelley's Swag.

Now for the 7 things about me. (Yes, I will do 7. I don't break all the rules! LOL!)

  1. I have Red hair and love it. (I didn't always)

  2. I always knew I wanted to be a MOM some day!

  3. I LOVE my Daddy! (I am so a Daddy's girl!)

  4. I like to paint my toes in the summer! (It makes me feel so girlie and cute!)

  5. My favorite color is green.

  6. I couldn't live with out bread and Dr. Pepper!

  7. I love to "window shop" on the Internet and on tv. (Amazon, EBay, and QVC are my favorites!)

Thanks again Sarah! Now everyone go to her blog and tell her how great she is:)

February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday-Soap

Today I am thankful for soap. Could you imagine our world with out soap. I have a 3 year old boy! We use a lot of soap. We wash a lot of clothes. We would use a lot more water and it would take a lot more time to wash all those clothes without soap.

We use soap to clean dishes, pots, counters, and hands. We would all be a lot sicker without soap. Just think of doctor's offices and hospitals without soap! (This alone makes me more thankful for soap!) A lot more of us wouldn't be here if we had no soap.

Then I think about my son's bath time, and again, I am reminded of how important soap is!

To add what you are thankful for or just to read what others are thankful for visit Heather at Frugal Reality.

February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday

Yesterday my friend and I decided to take our kids out to a Mardi Gras parade. The only problem was picking one to go to.

Every town here in Louisiana has a Mardi Gras parade. Each is different. Some are long and have tons of big floats. Others are smaller and consist of mostly the Mardi Gras runners showing off their chicken they caught to cook in the traditional gumbo.

We decided to take the kids to one in Eunice. When I was younger I had attended this parade a few times. It was always a smaller one. Not this year. The people where packed waiting for this parade. We had a hard time finding a place to stand so that the kids could see. Finally we found a place between two older couples. They had a big planter the kids could stand on and see over the barricade.

The parade was great. They had lots more floats than I would have imagined for a smaller town, and beads where being thrown in abundance. Between our two 3 year olds, we had two bags full of beads, two or three cups, a ball, and a little bit of candy. (Beads are what most parades throw for Mardi Gras, not candy.)

After the almost too long parade, we went home and I made a big old pot of chicken and sausage gumbo. We had the last king cake of the season for desert!

Today is Ash Wednesday, and Will and I got up early to attend Mass. We are now sporting our ashes on our head and I (not Will, he is too young) am ready to start my Lenten season.

As many of you know, I have been on a journey to become closer to the Lord our God. Lent is especially important to me this year. I feel more connected and better understand what Lent is all about. As my Hubby (who is not Catholic) often says "People only really want to be Catholic around holidays and Lent." This is because we do not eat meat on Ash Wednesday or on Fridays for the entire Lenten season.

The people my Hubby is talking about are the ones who, every Friday go out to a seafood restaurant and eat seafood platters. This is a time for penance. Not a time for indulgence. To go out and do this is more of an indulgence than a penance. I must admit I have been know to do this in the past. Know I better understand what penance is. I may still go out for seafood once, but not every Friday, or anymore than I would normally. (This would be almost never.)

We are also suppose to give something else up as a penance. The last few years though, I have decided to do something other than give something up. The practice of spiritual discipline is always appropriate. One year I started with saying extra prayers for those I dislike or those who hurt me. This year I plan to spend more time reading and studying the Scriptures. This is something I feel that I can benefit from and need to do.

So for all those out there who are also practicing penance in this great time of year, I will say an extra prayer for you. I hope everyone enjoys Lent this year!

February 16, 2010

So Sweet!

Can you look at this picture and not say "Awww that is so cute!"? I surly can't!

This is the picture I took of my cousin's little girl's foot. (I had a hard time keeping her foot still to get one picture. I don't know how in the world she got her to stay still long enough to paint her darling little toes!)

She is such a sweetheart, and I just had to show everyone how cute her little painted baby feet are! She just turned 7 months old!

February 15, 2010

The Valentines Day Box!

I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day! It was great day for Will!

I decided to let him do an arts and craft project to get ready for Valentines Day. He has been having some trouble in Children's Church with cutting, So I pulled out the new safety scissors I got for him. We (more he) made a box to be left out and checked in the morning. This box was made for Mommy and Daddy to fill for our favorite Valentines. Will!!!

He cut hearts out with my help. Then just cut a ton of little pieces that ended up all over the floor. It was mostly just for practice, but he cut for over an hour! We then used glue to put all the hearts on. (Which I put our names on!)

He got a little "let me do it myself" , So I let him go! I left the room for a few minutes and came back to about half the bottle of glue on the table. A good bit ended up on him too! So off to the bath he went. I then had a lot of cleaning to do. It was all worth it though.

The next morning (Valentines Day) he opened the box to find candy and a color changing Lightning McQueen! (He has been asking for that little car for about a week and a half. He just didn't know that I picked it up about a week before that:) I had seen it and just knew he would like it!)

Or Valentines Day went just as I expected and we had a great stay at home with each other day!

February 14, 2010


The winner of my Skip Hop Zoo Pack is.............Number 11

Linda Kish said...
I also like the Kahla Abra Cadabra Caribbean Gift Set

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Linda I sent you an email and you have 48 hours to get back to me. If I don't hear from you another winner will be selected!

Thank you to everyone that entered. Keep on the lookout more giveaways to come!

Quotable Sunday-Marriage

Today I decided to do quotes about marriage. Today is Valentines day and I can only think about how much I love my Husband. We have a great marriage filled with love.

We don't do a big Valentines Day thing, with a fancy dinner and flowers and candy. Today we are going to give our little boy some candy, a toy, and lots of love. I am cooking a roast (our family's favorite dinner) and we will spend the day at home together!

Now to the quotes!

What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another should rest on the same pillow. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years. ~Simone Signoret

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. ~Barnett R. Brickner

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

In a time when nothing is more certain than change, the commitment of two people to one another has become difficult and rare. Yet, by its scarcity, the beauty and value of this exchange have only been enhanced. ~Robert Sexton

And my personal favorite...

There is no such cozy combination as man and wife. ~Menander

Happy Valentines Day!

For more quotes or to add your own visit Toni at A Daily Dose of Toni and link up with the rest of us quote crazy people:)

February 13, 2010

Saturday Giveaways!!!

Here are some more great giveaways that I want to win!!!!!

First don't forget to enter my giveaway for a Skip Hop Zoo Pack! It ends 2/13 So Hurry!!

Win a $20 gift card to Domino's from Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife. Ends 2/27

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She has a few other giveaways for you to check out while there!

Win a Sassy Sparkle Tee from Simply Stacie-Ends 2/19

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Win Curious Chef Kids Utensils from Kiddies Corner Deals-Ends 2/22

She has more giveaways too!

Win a Rainbow Brite CD-Rom from Momma In Flip Flops 2-5 winners-Ends 2/24

She also has more giveaways you can enter!

Win a Slanket from Confessions of a first time Mom-Ends 2/18.

She has new giveaways all the time.

WOW that is a great list of giveaways. If you have a giveaway you want on my list for next Saturday let me know! Or if you are looking for a special kind of giveaway let me know that too! Good Luck everyone!!!!

February 12, 2010

Some People Just Don't Like Change!

I live in a very small town, and grew up in an even smaller one. I still do my banking in the town I grew up in. Its the next town over, so I just stayed with my bank.

My bank always had about 5 or 6 branches, until it changed names. I guess you can say it was bought out or whatever by a bigger bank. Now they have about 10 or 12 branches. LOL!

When they updated everything they put in another drive through spot. (I don't really know what you call it.) Now you can go to the window or to the little pole with the container that goes up into the bank via an air flow. (Can't you tell how country I am? I don't even know how to explain this very well.)

My point is, the people who bank there total avoid this "new contraption". They get in line a few cars long just to go to the window. Well, yesterday I zoomed on up to the "new contraption" and got the stink eye from every one of the cars in the other line. Then I was out before the second car even made it to the window.

So my question is.....Why don't they just try it? It didn't hurt me. I actually like it. Oh well. In about 10 more years they may get use to it. (They are finally using the ATM that was put in about 4 or so years ago. LOL!)

It Snowed again today!!!

This is an amazing thing. This was the 3rd time it snowed in Louisiana in ONE year! We usually see the white stuff about once every 7 years. What is going on? This was great at first, but now I am getting a little freaked out. This is not suppose to happen. (It is a little cool thought for Will!) I say if it wants to snow why not really snow. Why all the white stuff in small doses. Today it was just covering the ground and cars. Not really accumulating. I want real snow. A foot or so deep. Just once or twice though!!! I love the warmer weather much more. I wasn't made for cold!

And to think....I thought spring was on the way. God surly showed me how much I know:)

February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays-Babies

How could you not be giddy with babies around? I have been feeling giddy for weeks now. In my family babies have been popping out like crazy! Best of all, I'm getting to babysit a few of them.

Why is getting to babysit the best part you ask. Because I can love and hug on them all day long. I get to watch them learn and play. I even get to see some of their firsts if I'm lucky. (So far the only first I got to see was the first taste of different baby foods!) Then I get to send them home!!! NO sleepless night for me! I get the best out of this deal!!!

I am also thankful for seeing those little ones I don't babysit. Every time I see them, they look like they grew so fast. They only get cuter and closer to babysitting age! (I will get to babysit each one one day if I play my cards right:)

So to all those manufacturer who make ruffle butt baby cloths and soft puppy dog toys, keep up the good work. Every Auntie loves to buy for their babies!

February 9, 2010

Spring WILL Come!

Winter seems like it's taking forever this year! I may just feel that way because winter started a lot earlier here and is colder this year for us. But, I am convinced Spring WILL still come.

I am so convinced, I couldn't hold it in any more. I went in at the garden entrance at Walmart this weekend and picked up some plants. I got a white baby Hyacinth and a yellow/orange baby Daffodil. I plan on repotting them in bigger pots soon. They are only the start of my plants this year.

Now that I no longer have a cat, I can get some indoor plants too. I can't wait!!! I love plants. I only have a problem with putting plants in the ground here. You would think they would thrive in the ground with all the rice fields around us growing rice, but no they just shrivel up and die. I even tried plants I got off of QVC that are 100% guaranteed to grow anywhere! They shriveled up and died too. Now, I plant everything in pots. Even my tomato garden is in pots every year.

So to continue with my pot theme, I got a herb garden kit for Will and me to do together. Yesterday we started it. We pulled out all the cute little pots and put the dirt and seeds in them. Now they are by the window for sunlight. (He keeps asking, about every thirty minutes, if they had enough sun and started growing! He is such a silly boy!!)

This is going to be a great learning experience for him. I hope they do grow to be some awesome plants. Here are pictures of our new plants.

Sweet Basil, Sage, and Thyme

February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Fun!!!

Yesterday was the BIG SUPER BOWL GAME!!!! We waited all our life for this game. Seriously!!!! Hubby has been one of those few people who followed and routed for the Saints even when no one else did. He was born a Saints fan!

We had a big party at Hubby's Mom's house. We had soooooooo much food it was unreal. We started at noon. (Had to go to church first!) Then partied until 10:00 pm last night. (I think Hubby is still parting on the inside!!)

This game was so great. Both teams played good, but the Saints won in the end. No one could have been happier (other than the players who did all the work) than my Hubby! He cried when they won the Championship and he cried when they won the Super Bowl. Today he is still a little emotional over it all.

It was so cute to see Will whooping and hollering along with us. He would yell "Go Drew Brees!" and "Touchdown!" It was so stinking cute!

I took tuns of pictures of us all partying, eating, and watching the game in our Saints stuff! Here are a few that don't show faces to well for y'all. Will was trying to through a little play football to Hubby!

February 6, 2010

Great Giveaways Going On!!

Here are some more great giveaways I found that are still going on!

Tip of the Day! If you don't have a blog you can still enter lots of these giveaways. All you have to do in go to post a comment, and post it as anonymous. Just be sure to put your name and email address in the comment section with your required entry! That's it.

My Giveaway:

Enter HERE to win a Skip Hop Zoo Pack of your choice! Ends 2/13

Other Great Giveaways!

Enter for a Deni Ice Cream Maker-"Pull up a stool to the ice cream counter in your own home. Check out the great giveaway at The Creative Side of Me" Ends 2/12

Enter to win an Apron from Law School Fashionista! (I am an apron person:)) Ends 2/13

Enter to win a Sterling Silver Heart Necklace from Simply Stacie. Ends 2/13

She also has these other great giveaways going on that you will LOVE! Sippy Stuff Giveaway Ends 2/12. Robeez Giveaway Ends 2/9 Hurry!! $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway (Must be a follower) Ends 2/8 Hurry!! And many many more!

Enter to win Dinosaur Shaped Crayons at Lemon Tree Kids! Ends 2/8 Hurry!! And while your there enter to win the 22 Mickey Diecuts for Scrapbooking! Ends 2/16 And many more!!

Enter to win a Minnie's Bow-tique DVD at Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports. Ends 2/20. She also is giving away a Crane Humidifier Ends 2/14. (I want this sooooo bad!) And a $25 Macy's Gift Card Ends 2/20
She has lots more giveaways too!!

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursdays-TaxACT

How many of you do your own taxes?

Well, I have been doing my own taxes for about 9 years now. I found that I do as well or better than most tax places. I have even done my own taxes, then went to a tax place and let them do it. That was when I noticed that I had done a great job myself because I did it exactly the way they did. So, I told them to keep their work and I would just file it myself without their help. They wanted to charge me a ton of money to do exactly the same thing I could do myself. Since that day I have done all my taxes as well as my Dad's.

I have been using TaxACT to help me e-file my taxes for the last few years. It is free and they have really helped to find the extra things I may have missed. Just this year they found me an extra $76.00. Hey an extra $1.00 is good in my book, much less $76.00. I never thought to add in Hubby's 401K. (We haven't had a 401K investment in years. )

I then file my state taxes for free online at my sate revenue site.

This is why I am so thankful for TaxACT and any other free e-file tax company out their. I save a lot of cash doing it myself and get the bonus of having them help find credits I may have missed!

What are you thankful for? Let me know! I can't really be the only one thankful for something today!!! Could I?

February 3, 2010

Win My Skip Hop Zoo Pack Giveaway!!


I am giving away something great!! I was lucky enough to get the chance to give one of my readers a Skip Hop Zoo Pack from one of the great CSN stores. Just imagine yourself opening your mailbox to find one of these. I don't know about you, but that would just make my day!

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Dog,........................ Skip Hop Zoo Pack Penquin,..................... Skip Hop Zoo Pack Mouse

From the site:

The Zoo Pack is the little kid backpack where "fun meets function!" Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on - the - go pack for kids on - the - go! Features:

  • Insulated pouch with extra pocket

  • Adjustable mesh bottle pocket

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  • Roomy main compartment

  • Padded, adjustable comfy straps

  • Easy to clean lining

  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

  • Overall dimensions: 11.5" H x 10" W x 4" D

The winner will be able to choose one of the above Skip Hop Zoo Packs of his or her choice. So, as you can guess the rules are that your MANDITORY entry (the one that must be done before any other or you will be disqualified) is to tell me which one you would choose and leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Pick wisely because this is the one you will get if you win!

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That's a total of 8 entries you can have! This giveaway is open to all US and Canadian readers. The giveaway will end on February 13 at 11:59 pm. The winner will be anounced on February 14. The winner will have 48 hours after I email them to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Good Luck!

February 1, 2010

Good, Bad, or Neutral! What should I do?

I am an eBay fanatic. I love eBay! I have made some money selling on eBay as well as found some great bargains. I hear a few people have bad experiences, but I have always had nothing but good things to say about it. Until now!

Around Christmas I ordered a Wall-E dvd for Will. Well the women took my money and never sent the dvd. I sent her messages and nothing. So, finally I contacted eBay and opened a case against her. She never answered any of eBay's messages either. Because I used Pay Pal I was able to get my money back.

Since then I have bought a few other things with no problem. I have always wanted one of those oh so cute Kathy Van Zeeland purses. I finally found one that was cute and I could afford it. I won it and only had to pay $17.50 with s/h. It was used and had a few stains on the inside. No big deal. I don't care about pen marks on the inside and the outside looked great.

I got it in yesterday......It was very dirty. It had melted candy, gum, gum wrappers, grit, and TWO PILLS in it. The pills where way over the top!!!!

So, I sent her this message. (I copied and pasted it here.)

Dear tammy177

I got the purse today and like it, but it was VERY dirty. It not only had some stains on the inside, but also had melted candy that could be scraped off, gum, pieces of gum wrappers, and TWO PILLS!

I can clean most of the candy off, but the pills where a little over the top. They look like diet pills, but I'm not sure. I do have a 3 year old and found them before my child did.

I don't like to leave bad feed back unless I have to. This is why I am sending you a message first.

I don't know what to do now, but I do want to keep the purse now that I cleaned it.


This was her answering message...

Dear Joshlin

Hello,, I thought I cleaned the purse out, I'm sorry I missed the diet pills, I hope you enjoy it, and again I'm very very sorry.

- tammy177

Now what do I do. I can leave her bad feedback, but she can leave me bad feedback as a result. I didn't do anything wrong. Should I leave neutral feedback? Or should I just let it go and not leave any feedback at all? What should I do? What would you do? Help!!!

Picture of the pills and some of the other stuff I found in the purse.