February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays-Babies

How could you not be giddy with babies around? I have been feeling giddy for weeks now. In my family babies have been popping out like crazy! Best of all, I'm getting to babysit a few of them.

Why is getting to babysit the best part you ask. Because I can love and hug on them all day long. I get to watch them learn and play. I even get to see some of their firsts if I'm lucky. (So far the only first I got to see was the first taste of different baby foods!) Then I get to send them home!!! NO sleepless night for me! I get the best out of this deal!!!

I am also thankful for seeing those little ones I don't babysit. Every time I see them, they look like they grew so fast. They only get cuter and closer to babysitting age! (I will get to babysit each one one day if I play my cards right:)

So to all those manufacturer who make ruffle butt baby cloths and soft puppy dog toys, keep up the good work. Every Auntie loves to buy for their babies!

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