October 30, 2009

He LOVES This Thing!

My son has always liked tractors (as you can tell with all my posts about his John Deer). He was given a tractor catalog quite some time ago.

Well, he found it at the bottom of a pile of old Highlight magazines yesterday, and fell in love with it all over again. He caries this thing around and looks at it for hours on end. He can tell you which tractor is which and all. He and his Daddy go through it and name all of the tractors and talk about what they do.

My hubby made the mistake of telling him that it was almost time to through the catalog out. ( It is getting worn out.) Will cried and cried. He was so pitiful looking. You would swear his best friend was gone forever. I even teared up when I saw those big crocodile tears. As you can guess we didn't through it out and he is carrying it around the house now!

Has anyone else gone through this with a favorite book or magazine?

October 28, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Well I have decided to give up on "That Just Burns Me Up Thursdays". I am trying to be in a better place now and I don't want to dwell on the negative. I think "Thankful Thursdays" will be better for me at the moment.

Today I have a lot to be thankful for. Too much to list here really. I will just list a few in no particular order.

I am thankful for.....

  1. My hubby who is still in love with me! (not sure why)

  2. A great solid loving marriage!

  3. An absolutely perfect little boy I can call my own!

  4. Our health! It's not perfect, but it's not nearly as bad as it could be!!!!

  5. My loving God who I grow closer to everyday!!!!

  6. My family who drives me crazy, but will always be there for me and I for them!

  7. Our financial state! We are by far rich or even middle class, but somehow our bills get paid! (sometimes late)

  8. Our friends!

  9. The gas in our vehicles! (this may seem crazy to you, but I didn't always have the funds for two vehicles of gas)

  10. Our home! (so many don't have one)

I think 10 items are enough for today! I have plenty more to list next week.

My Bathroom Smells So Much Better Now!

I got this really cool thing in the mail FOR FREE! Yes, I have seen them in the store before, but never picked on up and brought it home. What a big mistake! It is called a Glade® Sense & Spray™ Automatic Freshener.

Let me just start here. We have two bathrooms in our house. One is off the living room and is about as big as two linen closets put together. It has no outlets and no tub. It is just large enough for a small shower. We call this Will' s bathroom. It is close to his room and came in very handy for potty training time. Other than that it sucks.

I have tried to figure out how to make this room smell better when it needs it. I can't plug up a smell good. I can't put a candle in there ( too close for comfort with Will's curious hands ). I have been using those cans of spray. They are ok, but only work so well.

When I got this I knew exactly were it would go. In that bathroom! I had a nail on the wall that I swear was just waiting all this time for it. It is at the right height for me to press the button when I need it, and for the motion detector to sense hubby pass it, and spray.

It works so great! It smells great! How did I live without this before. If you want one or if you would like to get a FREE full size items in the mail to try, this is how I got it. I joined BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing network to try new products and spread word of mouth. If you think this is something you would like to do leave me a comment with your email and I will send you a personal invite.

This is the second time I have gotten to try something for FREE! Last time I got to try the Bic Soleil Bella razors. They don't just give you a free full size item, they also give you a bunch of coupons for you and all your friends. They are high dollar coupons too! I found a sale on them at Target and my cousin and I got more for only $1.00 after the coupons.

October 27, 2009

The Adventures in Pumpkin Carving!

I thought that this would be a great time to start a tradition of pumpkin carving. With Will being 3 now, he would be old enough to enjoy it.

I have never carved a pumpkin before. Yes, I was a sheltered child and my mom was not much of a parent! But my great hubby had done it before. So, he had the job. My job was to be supportive and take video and pictures. I did just that.

I had bought a set of pumpkin carving tools that came with a book of ideas. This is where I made my mistake. Will picked the hardest one to do. It had a list of levels depending on how hard it was to do. They went form 1 to 4. Of course he picked one with a level 4. This means you have to be almost a professional to do it. Hubby was brave and tried it for him.

He did a great job. In the end he had to just draw it free hand with a marker instead of using the template. He is a great artist though. The only draw back was that you can still see some of the marker. Oh well it's for Will! I got this cool strobe light made to put in pumpkins. It looks awesome.

I didn't realize Will wouldn't have all that much to do in the carving process though. He didn't want to help clean the pumpkin very much. He did want to carve though, so I sacrificed an apple to him. This apple was unrecognizable by the time he was don. He had a blast though.

I even tried to roast the pumpkin seeds. I had never don this before since I had never had the chance to carve a pumpkin, but I tried. Will loved them! I didn't think they where all that great. What do I know about pumpkin seeds thought? Nothing! Will and I had fun. Hubby? Not so much. He broke his little carving tools and had to use a kitchen knife to finish. It broke in a few places and he was aggravated. Next year we will just do the triangle eyes and big mouth!

October 26, 2009

My JC Penny's Star!

I have had so much happen in the last couple of days that I didn't post for a while. It all started with a big scare. I have always been an easy person to scare. A few years ago I had a big cancer scare, but everything was taken care of and is now ok. This time I through myself into prayer and just kept telling myself "Not Again!!" This could not be happening.

Don't worry I don't have cancer, but would appreciate a little prayer. I'm not going to kick the bucket yet, but I am not happy about my health at the moment. It mainly concerns myself, my hubby, and my health care providers so I will not go into details.

Then my hubby's grandmother died Wednesday. She had Alzheimers and was not doing well at all. Her passing was expected, but still hard. We had lots of family come in and had lots to do.

While that was going on I also found out that my debit card number was stolen and the bank found some fraudulent charges. This is the reason I LOVE my bank. I drive to a whole different town to bank there and they only have a few branches, but they are the best. I don't know what exactly made them look at the charges and say "That doesn't look right!", but they did, and the money was never taken out of my account. They have taken care of everything for me.

Saturday we rested from this crazy busy week and visited with the family that came in for the funeral. We even carved a pumpkin for Will. I will have a post about that later. It was an experience!

Sunday we got together with friends and cooked a ton of food. We watched the New Orleans Saints win their 6th game in a row!!! Go Saints!!!!

And in all this mad crazy time I had Will's pictures taken. I had the appointment already made and it just so happened that I was not needed for anything at that time. So, I kept the appointment and am now waiting for my pictures. They turned out so great too!! I had them done at JC Penny's . I never had them done there before and I am very happy with them. They did great. The photographer even asked me if they could enter one of his pictures into the contest for him to be one of the children pictured in the portrait catalog for all of the JC Penny's in the the US. WOW! Of course I said yes. They had one they took last year that made it in. You know how you can go and look at their book for ideas of how you would like your kids pictures to be? Well that's the book! I so hope he will be chosen.

October 21, 2009

A What??....A Lincoln Log!!!

Bath time seems to be the craziest time lately. What with all the bad smelling baths to the colorful baths and now with the lincoln log bath!!!

Will has almost always loves bath time. He begs to take them. I have always herd horror stories about kids going to the bathroom in the bath while they are really small or potty training. Well he is way past those times!!

Last night he was playing in his colored water and got really still. He sat strait up and just stared at the wash cloth he had hung over the bar. When I asked if he was ok he just said yes and didn't move. Well after a few minutes I got up and walked a little closer and low and behold guess what was floating around!

Yes you got it. At that moment my hubby walked in and said "That looks like a huge lincoln log! Will what did you do?". While my hubby got him cleaned off and dressed I had to clean the tub.

He has never don this before and I don't know why he did it this time. The only thing i can figure is he had gas and didn't realize it was more than that. ( Like all boys he likes to pass gas in the tub. I don't get it. It has to be a boy think.) He has told me many times before he had to go. I always get him out to go and then he gets back in. That's why this bothers me so much.

Poor baby he cried and told me he was so sorry and would never do it again, I don't know how many times. He loved on me till bedtime. I think he was embarrassed and upset because he knew I was in the bathroom for 30 min. sanitizing the tub.

I'm just so glad he didn't have any toys in the tub at that time. I hate to clean those more than the tub!!! If anyone else has gone through this with a child please let me know if it is normal. I didn't think I had to worry about this with a 3 year old who has been potty trained for almost 2 years.

And yes you can all thank me later for not putting pictures in this post. LOL!!!

October 20, 2009

Bath Time!!!

I did a post not to long ago about those really nasty bath beads I got for Will. You can see it here. Well, I promised to make it up to him. I remembered seeing this little container at Walmart that claimed to turn the bath water colors. (No scent this time!)

I bought this little container and love it. It really does what it claims. I don't know why I doubted it. It said it was made by Crayola. But, you would be a little cautious too if you had tried those other things that I had!

They are Crayola's Color Bath Dropz! You get 30 little dropz that fizz into three different colors. You get red, blue, and yellow. On the back of the package it tells you how to mix them to make different colors.
Will loves this stuff. He will not take a bath without them now. He has given up his bubble baths even! In the last month he has taken only one bath that was not colored. That was only because he ( and I ) was too tired to do more than get in, scrub, and get out.
The dropz fizz into pretty bright colors too. The yellow is the only one I didn't put a picture of. I am not sure if it is the color of our tub or the poor lighting in the bath room next to it, but the yellow doesn't really show up too well.

This is red....

...and this is blue.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a child that loves the bath. It has not died any of my wash clothes or towels. I was a little worried about washing his blond hair in it, but that turned out fine too. No crazy colored hair!
I will be getting more Color Bath Dropz for Will very soon. I even found out you can get a set of 3 containers for only $12.99 at the Crayola Store. That would be about 14 cents a drop before shipping. And if you order $75.00 or more shipping is free. Christmas is coming up fast!! Bonus: They accept Pay Pal now, and you can sign up for email promotions!!!!

October 19, 2009

Holding My Baby

I have found that as Will get older he lets me hold and love on him less. I know that this is normal, and from what others tell me he loves on us a lot more than other kids love on their parents. He is definitely a lover. He'll give hugs all day long.

But I miss holding him. At 36 lb he is really to big to lug around, but I miss the time we spent with me holding him as we watch tv and just sat around and talked. Early in the mornings he sometimes still lets me hold him. He sits on me to watch cartoons, but last night he was so tired from the weekend we had, he sat on me to watch tv before bed. I loved every minute of it. He even fell asleep on me! That never happens anymore. I got to carry him to bed and tuck him in, all while he was asleep. Too Cute!!!

I don't plan on having any more children, but I do love holding those babies. With all the new babies in the family I don't guess I'll be having empty arms much:) My arms where filled with a sweet little baby boy Saturday. That may be part of the reason for my little breakdown here:)

I am just the kind of person who can't let my baby days go. I break down in tears every time I realize how much Will has grown. Yet, if he didn't grow I would be so worried. I guess that's just part of being a mom.

The toddler years are great too, and I am holding on to those for dear life. The preschool years are ahead, and to be honest they may be here now. So far I have loved every year of my Little Will's life. And really the first baby year was not as great as I remember, but who cares about all those 365 days of no sleeping! I would do it all over again in a heart beat for him.

October 18, 2009

Quotable Sunday!

Today's quotes have to do with cats!

My cat, who was about 11 or so years old, died Wednesday. She was a great cat and friend. She is greatly missed. This is for you Nunnie Cat!

Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own. - John Dingman

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want. –Joseph Wood Krutch

Cats find humans useful domestic animals. –George Mikes

The reason cats climb is so that they can look down on almost every other animal - it's also the reason they hate birds. – K. C. Buffington

To bathe a cat takes brute force, perseverance, courage of conviction - and a cat. The last ingredient is usually hardest to come by. - Stephen Baker

To join Quotable Sunday go on over to A Daily Dose of Toni and link up!

October 17, 2009

Blog Of The Week

This week I decided to do something different. This is not a blog, but a You Tube post. This is my great hubby. He is a singer/song writer. I think he is great, so I have decided to share him with all my blogging friends.

Check him out and tell me If he is as great as I think. Even if you don't like him don't be afraid to tell me that too! (He loves criticism. Sometimes I think it secretly makes his day. He gets so sick of us telling him he is good. He thinks we tell him that because we love him.)

For more go here.

October 16, 2009


WICKED The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

by Gregory Maguire.

This is a book I had been looking forward to reading for some time. I came upon a post at MBC form someone who said it was a must read book. I do like The Wizard of Oz, so this made me curious. I am a book lover and this struck my interest immediately.

It has some great reviews out there like...

"Wicked is an outstanding work of literary imagination."-USA Today

"Very close to being an instant classic....Maquire has hit a home run his first time at bat."-Memphis Commercial Appeal

"Gregory Maguire has taken this figure of childhood fantasy and given her a sensual and powerful nature that will stir adult hearts with fear and longing all over again."-Mew Orleans Times-Picayune

Well with all this said about it plus lots more made me just have to read it. Unfortunately It took quit a while to fined. Once it was in my hands I started to read.

At first I was not all that into it. It starts with her Mother and Father and continues from when she was born on. I pushed through. I knew I really needed the back round to understand the end. I was not disappointed.

From the middle to the end, this book was one that you just can't put down. I finished it two days ago and still, I fined myself thinking about it. I am very glad I read it and would recommend it to everyone who loves The Wizard of Oz.

Beware though, this book has adult content. It also may make you think of the characters all differently than you do at this moment.

I have one question for you. Who is really wicked here? To fined out read WICKED.

For a more info and an excerpt form this book and others by Gregory Maguire go here.

October 15, 2009

Things that just burn me up Thursdays!

This week my bills are just burning me up! I know everyone has them and everyone has to pay them, but why do them charge all those little fees!

You know what I mean. Those fees for being a resident of your state or the ones for Universal Service Fund Surcharges! What is that?

For all those fees they charge each person, why in the world did each state have to take bailout money from the government? Knowing that my grandchildren will someday still be paying off bailout money for our state that I didn't even see or want just burns me up!!!!

The charges that make me mad the most are on my electric bill. Why should I have to pay a customer charge? They act like I chose to be their customer. I had no choice. If I wanted electricity I had to go with them. They are the only provider in this area. If I ever win the lottery I will get solar panels installed!!!

Then because I live in Louisiana I have to pay a Hurricane Offset Charge! Don't they have insurance or something to pay for this? I didn't make those hurricanes come this way. I don't even live in a spot where the hurricanes effect the electric company that much! Then don't get me started on a Fuel Adjustment charge that is higher than my actual Energy Charge! This makes my bill double!!!

I have to stop now before I totally ruin my day and possibly give myself an ulcer.

Well that is what has me burning up today. What just burns you up?

October 14, 2009

What a Great Deal!!

It is never to early to start Christmas Shopping, and I just found some great stocking stuffers!

I was over at Kristi's blog Texas Couponers Anonymous where I saw her great post about finding a Thomas the Tank Engine for...get this...$1.99 shipped!!!

I had to check it out. My son loves Thomas, but he has a set of take alongs and this was for the wooden rail way set. :( NO big deal because I did find him some Bob The Builder stuff!!!

Yes I said it! Bob The Builder! You know how much he loves Bob!!! I found this great Bob The Builder Take Along Water Tanker and Ready Mixer! They will match perfectly with the Bob The builder set I got him for his birthday from EBay! And best of all my total was $2.97 shipped. They where $1.48 each with free shipping! What a deal!!!!!

I am so happy!!! Now the question is can I keep them from him till Christmas? He loves to see what is in the mail. This will be tricky, but I know I can do it!

To get these great deals and many many more go here. The site was a little slow when I was on it. A lot of people are trying to get these great deals too. They may not last long. Shipping on all the items I mentioned is FREE! This is a great deal. Hurry!!!

Apple Pie

As you all know, my son loves to cook. He has been asking me for some apples, so when I saw them on sale at my local grocery store I bought them.

I knew he probably wouldn't like them just as they where. He doesn't seam to like crunch fruits and veggies for some reason. So I decided to make an apple pie with them.

He did try the apples as they where, twice that day as I cut them up. Just as I thought, he didn't like them. He did want to help me make the apple pie though. He got to roll out the crust for me and all.

Yes I have a pink silk rolling pin and mat. I bought this before I realized I would have a boy and he would like to help me cook. He doesn't seem to mined the color though.

When it was don he tried it as a pie, and loved it. I mean he tor it up! I thought he might like it cooked and soft with all that cinnamon, but he surprised me in how much he liked it.

I usually do a double crusted apple pie, but I tried a crumb topping for a change. He especially liked this. I think we surprise each other. He didn't think he would like it cooked and I didn't think he would like it as much as he did. What a silly little boy I have!

I thank the Good Lord that something as small as an apple pie can still surprise us and make us as happy as it did.

October 13, 2009

I So Needed This!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have tried to start menu planning for my family to save on my grocery bill, and to save me from spending an hour trying to decide what to cook each night.

Well my menu planning has worked out great for us. It has been made that much better now that I have a Designer Debs Menu Planner/Grocery List Clipboard.

This clipboard has made it so much easier for us. My hubby doesn't have to ask me every day what I have planned for dinner that night. He can just read it for himself. It is so easy to read and it has a space for us to write down what we are running out of on the grocery list side. This also helps me if I need to go get something fresh from the store that's not in my pantry, like milk, eggs, or bread.

I just put those items on my grocery list side. When I go to see what I need to pull out to make my meal for the day, and I know if I need to run out to the store and get my fresh items at the same time.

I was lucky enough to win this clipboard from Kristi at Texas Couponers Anonymous. She always has great giveaways going on, and you know how much I love giveaways!

You can get one of these great Designer Debs Menu Planner/Grocery List Clipboards from Designer Debs Etsy Shop. Not only does she make these great clipboards, but she also makes baby blankets, recipe boxes, journals, and more. She can even create something unique just for you.

October 12, 2009

A Giveaway?

I would like to know if anyone would like this as a giveaway. I have never done a giveaway, but this is something some of you may like to have.

I use a lot of coupons to save on my family's grocery bill, and I know a lot of others do too. I have more coupons at the moment than I can use. I even have some for stores that aren't in my area.

So if you think that you would like me to do a very short giveaway for some coupons please let me know. If no body wants them I will not do it. If I only get one or two responses I may just give them to those people.

I would also like to know what kind of coupons you are looking far. I have some Pull-Up coupons and a few grocery items and some house hold items like Mr. Clean products and Cascade to name a few. I also have a few for Save a Lot food stores.

Silly Boy!

Kids say and do things that make you want to laugh your but off. My son is no exception!

He loves to take baths and so, also usually splashes a good amount of water out of the tub. A few weeks ago, when he was getting out of the bath he slipped and fell in this splashed out water. After I saw that he was ok I couldn't help but laugh. I could see his small little naked body going down. He had this crazy look on his face that I can't forget. (I know I'm not right.)

Well the other night he was splashing away again as I fused him. He knew I had enough when I told him to get out of the tub this instant! He turns his little head to me and says all serious "Mommy It's not my fault! I don't want to be bad! I just can't help it! I want to be a good boy!"

What do you say to that? I just stared at him for a minute. Then I had to walk away and laugh behind the door. What made it even more funny is that my hubby was just in ear shot and was laughing his but off around the corner.

Then, when he gets out I put on his new Bob The Builder underwear. (Yes I finally found some! He is a Bob The Builder fan and I can't fined that stuff anywhere. I found it at an outlet store. They only had one size too! Thank the Good Lord it was his size!) He puts them on and bends his legs a little and does this crazy little dance in them. I laughed until I fell over on to the floor. He is so silly sometimes.

When he was don dancing I put on his Bob The Builder P.J.s (That don't match and are second hand from his older cousin). Now to sleep he is all set in Bob The Builder.

And don't forget his Bob The Builder pillow case and blanket I found at Good Will. He should be dreaming good dreams of building Mommy a new house in all that Bob stuff.

October 11, 2009

Quotable Sunday-Autumn

Today's quotes are all about Autumn. A beautiful time of year!

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.-Albert Camus

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!-Percy Bysshe Shelley

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face.-John Donne

This last is not a quote but a poem. I felt it was fitting so added it in.

Nothing Gold Can Stay


Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold, Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.

October 9, 2009

The Smell of Clean

Don't you just love the smell of clean! I love the smell and the feeling of a clean house, but I'm not crazy about the actual cleaning part. I have been on a cleaning kick though. It could be because I have been around so many pregnant women lately. I sometimes have sympathy symptoms for them.

I have been using these new cleaning products from Sun & Earth that I just have to share with you. They smell so good. They smell like oranges. I never thought of oranges as a really clean smell, but it is. Even Will likes the way it smells.

I got to try a bunch of their products thanks to Heather at Pinch That Penny 'til it Screams!

I won this giveaway quite a while ago, but before I said anything I wanted to make sure I liked it or didn't like it.

I love it! All the items I got to try where full size. The All Purpose Cleaner worked so great on grease I couldn't believe it. It cleaned that nasty stuff hubby left for me in the microwave. I usually have to scrub, but not with this stuff.

I also got to try the automatic dish detergent, xtra concentrated dish liquid, dryer sheets, fabric softener, glass cleaner, hand soap, 2x laundry detergent, on the spot stain removing pen, and I got a reusable folding shopping bag.

They all worked great. They are all natural and environmentally safe. The all purpose cleaner is what impressed me most, but I really like the glass cleaner too. I have not seen the first streak.

For a free sample go here. They also have a contest going on too.

October 8, 2009

Things That Just Burn Me Up Thursdays

The things that just burns me up this week are rude fast food restaurant employees. Not all of the employees at fast food restaurants are rude, but the ones who are rude seam to stand out!

I hate to order my food and wait 20 minutes for them to call my number, then not have my order correct. This is what makes me HOT!!! When I order my burger with cheese, then they charge me a quarter more for it, I want my cheese!

My son will not eat a burger without cheese. I think he only eats it for the cheese. What is even worse is when they then give you a slice of cheese and expect you to just slap it on a now cold burger.

They act as if my $5.95 was just spare change for me. I rarely get to eat out and a fast food chain meal is luxury for me, not an every day or even every week kind of thing. We are struggling Americans like everyone else. How dare they!

I will not name this place, because this was not my only incident with problem fast food restaurants. This was just the latest.

One more thing, why do they always put a girl toy in the kids meal when you have a boy? They see he is standing next to me! I don't think he looks like a girl. I don't dress him in pink frilly stuff, and his hair is short and styled like a boy. What's up with that? Why look at me crazy when I ask for you to exchange the girl toy for a boy toy?

That just burns me up!!!
Add your blog to let everyone know what just burns you up!

October 7, 2009

Money Monster Banks

Let me just say that this is the cutest set of banks ever. Best of all you can customize them with your kids! You can paint them any way you want. You can put their eyes on and their hair.

When the UPS man came to our house with this package the day became that much brighter. I was lucky enough to win this Money Monster Banks set from Momma Such at Raising My 4 Sons. These great banks are made by Creativity for Kids.

I opened the box as soon as I was in the house with it. Will was literally jumping for joy when he saw what was inside. When I explained to him that he could paint them all I herd for the rest of the evening and next morning was "Can we paint the monsters now?". Our UPS man comes a bit late in the evening, so he had to wait until the next day to paint them.

He started out doing so well. He had about 3 or 4 different colors in different spots. Then he just went crazy and mixed them all up. In the end it did look like a monster. He even shared and asked me to paint the "little one". We painted and accessorized with hair and eyes for a good hour and a half. We had so much fun. Arts and crafts have always been my favorite.

When they where dry and ready to be held he immediately put money in them and then carried them through the house for hours. They are well loved in this house.

Oh, he even named them. The big one is Fly Monster and the little one is Boogly.

October 6, 2009

More Awards

I can't believe it, but I have been given 2 more awards! I have been given the Loyalty Award and the One Lovely Blog Award! WOW!! They are from Mellisa at Getting all my Ducks in a Row. I must say she has a great blog, so pleas check her out.

The only thing I have to tell you, Mellisa is that you really shouldn't have. I don't think I deserve them in any way. I will take them thought!!! Thank you so much.

I feel like I should have on some sparkly ball gown with my hair swept up elegantly. Instead I have on a pair of shorts and a gray shirt that says Totally Batty in sparkly pink surrounded by black bats. My hair is in a pony tail. I guess that will work. At least something on me is sparkly.

I would like to pass these great awards to everyone who reads my blog. Even if this is your first visit I dedicate them to you. Happy blogging everyone. I love to read all of yours too!!!

October 5, 2009

My Latest and Greatest!

I know I told y'all about the first afghan I crocheted and the hat, but this is the best so far! I crocheted this great baby blanket for my soon to be born godchild Arica.

It came out so much better than I expected. I had no pattern to follow or anything. Well the pink part is a pattern, but not for a blanket, and the white edging is one I kinda made up as I went. I know it is not original, but I did not have a pattern to follow. This may be why the blanket came out a little wider than long. That's ok considering it still looks so darn cute.

Will has informed me that his blanket will be next. We shall see how that turns out. I have an idea of how I want to make it, but who knows.

Bad Computer!

I am very sorry to say that my computer will be in the shop for a few days. My hard drive went out :( I am very sad. I have not had the Internet in years, so when we got our computer I became hooked fast. Now I have to go through Internet and computer withdrawal. I have already started feeling bad.

I will still have a few posts that are scheduled, but I will not be able to answer my email daily. I plan on going to the library a few times to use their computer, but it's not the same. I will be very very limited to what I can do there. And their computers are sooooo much slower than mine.

I hope I don't miss out on any giveaways I may win because of this. As you know I love, love, love giveaways! I enter all the ones that I want or think I can use. All others I pass on for those who may really want or need them.

So, hopefully I will be back in full blogging mode soon!

October 4, 2009

Quotable Sunday

Today's quotes have to do with the inner child! Enjoy!!

So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. ~Gaston Bachelard

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

(This one was for my hubby!)

When I grow up I want to be a little boy. ~Joseph Heller

Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them. ~Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince, 1943

A grownup is a child with layers on. ~Woody Harrelson

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. ~Jean de la Bruyere

October 3, 2009

Blog Of The Week

Today's Blog Of The Week is...........

This is a blog that is truly inspirational. Courtney blogs about her thoughts and experiences with the Lord. She is a stay at home wife and mom. Her passion is to know God and share him with others. She does this through her daily life and her great blog.

She has a Good Morning Girls Group you can join to help you with your quite time.

Her blog is uplifting and she shares great thoughts that I have found to be very motivating for me.

Getting closer to God has been one of my hardest goals. I have become a lot closer to him, but I know I have a long way still to go. Courtney has helped me in this area just by reading her experiences and learning what she does to stay close to God. For this I can never say thank you enough. Courtney please don't ever stop blogging!

Please go over and visit Women Living Well. You will not be disappointed.

She also has the cutest blog and the best music playing. It is so relaxing!

October 2, 2009

My New Tree

We have lived in this house and on this land for almost 8 years and I have tried to grow flowers, bushes, and trees. NOTHING grows here. If the plant was not here when we moved here it will not grow.

We have tried everything from adding fertilizer to taking all the dirt out and putting new dirt in. I don't know how much money we wasted trying to make things grow. Don't get me wrong, our yard is great, but I do love those willow trees and flowering trees so much.

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me shoots off of this great willow tree that twined themselves together to make one intertwined trunk. It will be so beautiful. I just pray it grows. Will said it would definitely grow since he helped plant it. He told us he is an excellent helper and knows all about trees. LOL! He is a silly boy. All he knows about trees are, that they grow big and he never saw a baby tree until now. (After he was born I kind of gave up on growing things in the yard and now have a lot of potted plants, including tomatoes and green onions.)

This is a picture of my hubby planting my tree!

Please grow little tree!!!!

October 1, 2009

Things that just burn me up!!

Thursdays will be the day I post Things That Just Burn Me up! I don't know about you but sometimes I fined things that just push my buttons. They make me wonder what in the world made someone do or say that.

Today I want to tell everyone that I love to know exactly what I am getting for my money, and it better be worth it!!!! It just burns me up when I am asked to donate or give money for something and they don't bother to tell me what the money is used for!

I was recently asked to donate money to a fund. I agreed to donate, but I could never really get a strait answer as to what the money would go towards. I will find out very soon let me tell you. The money has not changed hands and will not if I don't think it is worth every penny.

How could someone do that? Just feel like they could ask others to just pay for something and then tell them they know about what the money will be used for, but don't know exactly. Well let me tell you....... this is not the way normal considerate people go around asking for donations.

Sorry for going on and on, but I get all hot over this subject. I already don't like these people. I have a bad feeling they are pocketing some of this money. I only agreed to donate because it is suppose to directly help someone I know.

And that is what is just burning me up this week! To add what is burning you up link up on this Mister Linky!