October 18, 2009

Quotable Sunday!

Today's quotes have to do with cats!

My cat, who was about 11 or so years old, died Wednesday. She was a great cat and friend. She is greatly missed. This is for you Nunnie Cat!

Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own. - John Dingman

Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want. –Joseph Wood Krutch

Cats find humans useful domestic animals. –George Mikes

The reason cats climb is so that they can look down on almost every other animal - it's also the reason they hate birds. – K. C. Buffington

To bathe a cat takes brute force, perseverance, courage of conviction - and a cat. The last ingredient is usually hardest to come by. - Stephen Baker

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