October 15, 2009

Things that just burn me up Thursdays!

This week my bills are just burning me up! I know everyone has them and everyone has to pay them, but why do them charge all those little fees!

You know what I mean. Those fees for being a resident of your state or the ones for Universal Service Fund Surcharges! What is that?

For all those fees they charge each person, why in the world did each state have to take bailout money from the government? Knowing that my grandchildren will someday still be paying off bailout money for our state that I didn't even see or want just burns me up!!!!

The charges that make me mad the most are on my electric bill. Why should I have to pay a customer charge? They act like I chose to be their customer. I had no choice. If I wanted electricity I had to go with them. They are the only provider in this area. If I ever win the lottery I will get solar panels installed!!!

Then because I live in Louisiana I have to pay a Hurricane Offset Charge! Don't they have insurance or something to pay for this? I didn't make those hurricanes come this way. I don't even live in a spot where the hurricanes effect the electric company that much! Then don't get me started on a Fuel Adjustment charge that is higher than my actual Energy Charge! This makes my bill double!!!

I have to stop now before I totally ruin my day and possibly give myself an ulcer.

Well that is what has me burning up today. What just burns you up?


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