October 8, 2009

Things That Just Burn Me Up Thursdays

The things that just burns me up this week are rude fast food restaurant employees. Not all of the employees at fast food restaurants are rude, but the ones who are rude seam to stand out!

I hate to order my food and wait 20 minutes for them to call my number, then not have my order correct. This is what makes me HOT!!! When I order my burger with cheese, then they charge me a quarter more for it, I want my cheese!

My son will not eat a burger without cheese. I think he only eats it for the cheese. What is even worse is when they then give you a slice of cheese and expect you to just slap it on a now cold burger.

They act as if my $5.95 was just spare change for me. I rarely get to eat out and a fast food chain meal is luxury for me, not an every day or even every week kind of thing. We are struggling Americans like everyone else. How dare they!

I will not name this place, because this was not my only incident with problem fast food restaurants. This was just the latest.

One more thing, why do they always put a girl toy in the kids meal when you have a boy? They see he is standing next to me! I don't think he looks like a girl. I don't dress him in pink frilly stuff, and his hair is short and styled like a boy. What's up with that? Why look at me crazy when I ask for you to exchange the girl toy for a boy toy?

That just burns me up!!!
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  1. I love the idea of the things that burn me up Thursdays and your topic really touched home with me. I don't ask for much on my burger either... onion, tomato and extra cheese. Does that sound hard? Heck I pay extra for the cheese and they don't have to put all the other stuff on it... but yea, they get mine wrong about 70% of the time and of course, its in the drive-thru. lol