October 5, 2009

My Latest and Greatest!

I know I told y'all about the first afghan I crocheted and the hat, but this is the best so far! I crocheted this great baby blanket for my soon to be born godchild Arica.

It came out so much better than I expected. I had no pattern to follow or anything. Well the pink part is a pattern, but not for a blanket, and the white edging is one I kinda made up as I went. I know it is not original, but I did not have a pattern to follow. This may be why the blanket came out a little wider than long. That's ok considering it still looks so darn cute.

Will has informed me that his blanket will be next. We shall see how that turns out. I have an idea of how I want to make it, but who knows.


  1. Great Job!! That is beautiful!! I wish that I could make stuff like that. I tried knitting once...but kept dropping the stitches?

  2. Beautiful!
    This is a skill I neve mastered. My dad tried to teach me (yes, my dad!) but I just couldn't get it.

    My dad learned from his mom as a little boy. Because I'm a lefty like my dad, my mom couldn't teach me.

    @ All That and a Box of Rocks

  3. I love the crocheted blanket...it's beautiful! I used to crochet all the time (learned in Girl Scouts!) gave many good friends blankets for their baby showers.

    Nice gift!