October 5, 2009

Bad Computer!

I am very sorry to say that my computer will be in the shop for a few days. My hard drive went out :( I am very sad. I have not had the Internet in years, so when we got our computer I became hooked fast. Now I have to go through Internet and computer withdrawal. I have already started feeling bad.

I will still have a few posts that are scheduled, but I will not be able to answer my email daily. I plan on going to the library a few times to use their computer, but it's not the same. I will be very very limited to what I can do there. And their computers are sooooo much slower than mine.

I hope I don't miss out on any giveaways I may win because of this. As you know I love, love, love giveaways! I enter all the ones that I want or think I can use. All others I pass on for those who may really want or need them.

So, hopefully I will be back in full blogging mode soon!


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