October 3, 2009

Blog Of The Week

Today's Blog Of The Week is...........

This is a blog that is truly inspirational. Courtney blogs about her thoughts and experiences with the Lord. She is a stay at home wife and mom. Her passion is to know God and share him with others. She does this through her daily life and her great blog.

She has a Good Morning Girls Group you can join to help you with your quite time.

Her blog is uplifting and she shares great thoughts that I have found to be very motivating for me.

Getting closer to God has been one of my hardest goals. I have become a lot closer to him, but I know I have a long way still to go. Courtney has helped me in this area just by reading her experiences and learning what she does to stay close to God. For this I can never say thank you enough. Courtney please don't ever stop blogging!

Please go over and visit Women Living Well. You will not be disappointed.

She also has the cutest blog and the best music playing. It is so relaxing!


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