October 9, 2009

The Smell of Clean

Don't you just love the smell of clean! I love the smell and the feeling of a clean house, but I'm not crazy about the actual cleaning part. I have been on a cleaning kick though. It could be because I have been around so many pregnant women lately. I sometimes have sympathy symptoms for them.

I have been using these new cleaning products from Sun & Earth that I just have to share with you. They smell so good. They smell like oranges. I never thought of oranges as a really clean smell, but it is. Even Will likes the way it smells.

I got to try a bunch of their products thanks to Heather at Pinch That Penny 'til it Screams!

I won this giveaway quite a while ago, but before I said anything I wanted to make sure I liked it or didn't like it.

I love it! All the items I got to try where full size. The All Purpose Cleaner worked so great on grease I couldn't believe it. It cleaned that nasty stuff hubby left for me in the microwave. I usually have to scrub, but not with this stuff.

I also got to try the automatic dish detergent, xtra concentrated dish liquid, dryer sheets, fabric softener, glass cleaner, hand soap, 2x laundry detergent, on the spot stain removing pen, and I got a reusable folding shopping bag.

They all worked great. They are all natural and environmentally safe. The all purpose cleaner is what impressed me most, but I really like the glass cleaner too. I have not seen the first streak.

For a free sample go here. They also have a contest going on too.


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