October 6, 2009

More Awards

I can't believe it, but I have been given 2 more awards! I have been given the Loyalty Award and the One Lovely Blog Award! WOW!! They are from Mellisa at Getting all my Ducks in a Row. I must say she has a great blog, so pleas check her out.

The only thing I have to tell you, Mellisa is that you really shouldn't have. I don't think I deserve them in any way. I will take them thought!!! Thank you so much.

I feel like I should have on some sparkly ball gown with my hair swept up elegantly. Instead I have on a pair of shorts and a gray shirt that says Totally Batty in sparkly pink surrounded by black bats. My hair is in a pony tail. I guess that will work. At least something on me is sparkly.

I would like to pass these great awards to everyone who reads my blog. Even if this is your first visit I dedicate them to you. Happy blogging everyone. I love to read all of yours too!!!

1 comment:

  1. Your so funny!! I thought about a ball gown too!! I really just wish I had somewhere to wear a dress too...but with 4 kids and job...people would stare at me dressing up to go to wal-mart...lol...then you might see me on that website...people of walmart!!

    Have a great week!