October 1, 2009

Things that just burn me up!!

Thursdays will be the day I post Things That Just Burn Me up! I don't know about you but sometimes I fined things that just push my buttons. They make me wonder what in the world made someone do or say that.

Today I want to tell everyone that I love to know exactly what I am getting for my money, and it better be worth it!!!! It just burns me up when I am asked to donate or give money for something and they don't bother to tell me what the money is used for!

I was recently asked to donate money to a fund. I agreed to donate, but I could never really get a strait answer as to what the money would go towards. I will find out very soon let me tell you. The money has not changed hands and will not if I don't think it is worth every penny.

How could someone do that? Just feel like they could ask others to just pay for something and then tell them they know about what the money will be used for, but don't know exactly. Well let me tell you....... this is not the way normal considerate people go around asking for donations.

Sorry for going on and on, but I get all hot over this subject. I already don't like these people. I have a bad feeling they are pocketing some of this money. I only agreed to donate because it is suppose to directly help someone I know.

And that is what is just burning me up this week! To add what is burning you up link up on this Mister Linky!


  1. this is like the deaf lady at pat cattan's who tried to sell her cross stitch for a donation - how do i know she's really deaf?

  2. Oh Man do I feel the same way!! I refuse to participate in 2 fund raisers every year just because they don't tell you what they are going to spend the money on. I tell you what burns me up...oh you should do a mister linky for this!! What really burns me up is when those same 2 fund raisers send home the prize vouchers with my kids...they were all talking about what they were going to get...why not teach them charity in the right way>? I mean as adults don't we volunteer for charities and fund raisers for the right reasons? To help others? I don't want my kids to grow up expecting a prize in return!! Great Post!

  3. A Mister linky! Good idea. I will try to figure out how to put one up. I didn't really think others would like to do this too.

    Thanks Mellisarock

  4. I can see why this would burn you! I would be upset too! I never donate money unless I know exactly what the money is going towards and I believe in the cause.