August 31, 2010

I Just Knew it!

I'm back from my little break, or as I have been calling it, my little vacation from blogging.  I was getting worn out and spending way too much time on the computer.  I follow so many great blogs and was having trouble keeping up with them all.  So, if you haven't seen me commenting on your blog in a long time that doesn't mean I haven't been reading it.  I have also missed quite a few posts from many of my favorite blogs.  This break I took helped me realize that it was ok to miss a few posts.  I even missed a few giveaways (gasp!), but it's ok!  I'm back and better than eve!

One thing that I did recently that surprised the pants of me was, spend more time with my dog.  I didn't realize I was neglecting her too!  I started taking her to the gas station and the bank.  That is when I realized my bank is the best! I always knew it!!! They never do me wrong and everyone loves me and my little boy there.  Now they have come to love Charlotte!  I was floored when I went to the drive through with her and they gave her a treat!  Will always gets a sucker, but I never thought they would give out dog treats too!  That is so cool!!!!

Now if Charlotte knows I'm headed to the bank (or anywhere really, she loves to ride) she is jumping in the truck before I can think twice.

I just knew I had the best bank!!!

August 21, 2010

Saturday Giveaways!

Ok, I took a break form my computer for a few days and said I wouldn't enter any giveaways, but I woke up feeling better one day and entered a few.  Here they are!  Enter them too if you want to win!

Resourceful Mommy is giving away a Laptop! A Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 with Dolby Advanced Audio to be exact!-Ends 8/26

Resourceful Mommy is also giving away a Vizit frame! You have to see this, it is so awesome!!!-Ends 9/13

Sweeps4Bloggers is giving away a Honeywell Quiet Set 5 Speed Whole Room Tower Fan! It's so hot here I NEED this!-Ends 8/29

Sweeps4Bloggers is also giving away a kids Myself Belt! Will would love this!-Ends 8/24

The Cartoon Lovin' Mama is giving away a Himalayan Salt Lamp! I always wanted one of these!-Ends 8/24

The Cartoon Lovin' Momma is also giving away a CoupyKeep (a coupon organizer)! I want one!!!!-Ends 8/24

Annies Home is giving away a RoadKill tTShirt! The sound of that just makes me want it!!!-Ends 8/31

This week I won some Pet 'n Shape dog treats and a fleece ball for Charlotte!  She racked up this week!  What did you win?

August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Wow! It's Thursday already! 

Thanks for visiting me today!  I have something to really be thankful for this week!

I am thankful for breaks.  That has been my theme this week.  I decided Monday to take a break from blogging and my computer.  I feel I have been missing so much around here.  (Including my house work.)  Sometimes I don't juggle my computer world and my reality around home very well.  I get lost in blogs, posts, and giveaways.  I took some day's off and spent my time on things that needed more of my attention.  I cleaned house, spent time with my family, finished projects,  and spend more time with my Bible.  I needed this time. 

I'm so thankful that I can just take a break when I need one.  I didn't go on some tropical vacation or to a Disney Theme Park (both would have been nice though), I just got back to my family life before the computer. 

I hope everyone gets the break they need.  Your break may be totally different then mine, but we all need that break once and a while!  Happy Thankful Thursday everyone!  Join us for Thankful Thursdays at Women Taking A Stand.

August 17, 2010

I Got A New AWARD!!!!

I have been given this great new award!!!  It's an award I have never seen until Simone from Sporty Mama Says: A Mom's Survival Guide to Life (...and more) gave it to me!  I must say that this is a very nice award too!!!!

There is nothing like a good award to make a girl feel like someone just gave her a good virtual margarita!  (I haven't had a good margarita since I found out I was pregnant with Will!  He will be 4 in a few weeks!)

So, there are rules!  Every award comes with them and as usual, I don't follow them.  But, I will list them for  you!

Rule # 1.  Thank the person who gave you the award!

Easy enough!  Thank you Simone!  (You must visit her great blog Sporty Mama Says: A Mom's Survival Guide to Life (...and more).  You will find you may just end up in a blog war with her if your not careful! LOL! She cracks me up!!!

Rule # 2.  Share seven things about yourself.

1.  I have just tried to cut my own hair.  I did pretty good if I do say so myself, but a few others didn't think so and made me feel like I needed to get it "fixed".  So, I did.  The women who "fixed" it for me thinned it out.  That's something I would never be able to do myself.  That was worth getting it "fixed"!

2.  I have on some Wet n Wild, Wild Shine nail polish on my toes right now.  The only bad part about it that the bottle doesn't list a name to the color, so I am screwed if I ever try to find this color again.

3.  I am a little OCD about cleanliness in my house, but I have a touch of hording in my blood too.  The two cross in my brain most days and I run around trying to clean my piles of junk in each corner of my bedroom.  Then I try to rationalize why I need all the junk and make my self upset about the entire thing.

4.  I crochet and sometimes think I'm better than I am at it.  So, I start big projects that I think I can so do, then give myself a headache until I figure it out.  I do usually finish the project even though it isn't exactly like the picture. Lol!

5.  I have been a stay at home mom and wife since my son was born and LOVE every minute of it.  Even though I need a break sometmes and convince myself tomorrow I will put Will in day care and find a job.  That only lasts until I get to go to bed.  I then get to start all over the next day.

6.  I have recently hauled my son through church by his ear.  Not the best picture of the new Children's Church Teacher is it?

7.  I just started my pilates again and hope to keep it going.  I am one of those people that get busy and just end up never getting back to it.  I'm trying to keep it up again.  Wish me some luck please!!!!

Rule # 3.  Share this ward with 15 newly discovered blogs, and let them know about the ward.

And this is where I can never end up following the rules.  15 is a big number and it takes a lot of time to do.  So, I will do 3.  I know I suck, but it's my blog and I can do what I want.  No Simone, you can't take  it back!  It's too late!!!!!

I pass this great award on to:

1.  At The Fence  I love a good giveaway blog, and this on has it all.  She has great giveaways with a Christan feel.  This family friendly blog has me coming back often.  I recently came across this blog and love it.  As a matter of fact I need to go enter some of the newer giveaways I have been missing because of my computer break.

2.  Busy Working Mama  This is a blog that has a little of everything.  She has great giveaways, information for any Mamma, recipes your kids will actually eat, and some post that are just down right funny.  Check out her cat!

3.  Joyfully Cooking  Are you looking for a good recipe to use up all those garden vegetables you grew this year.  Take a look at the Apple Zucchini Granola Bread!  Personally I think all the recipes on this blog look soooooooo good.  Plus she has pictures!  This is making the pilates I'm doing worthless, but I can't help it.  I just want to try to make everything.  I guess now I need to find a good wight loss blog, but wheres the fun in that.

I hope everyone enjoys this award as much as I do!  I'm honored and loving all the attention!  Thank you again Simone!

August 16, 2010

Monday Blues!

Today is another tiring day for me.  I'm feeling a little down with all the things I have going on lately.  I don't get enough rest and Will is now not feeling good either.  I am forgetting things constantly and have projects that need to be completed. 

I think I may take a break from blogging for a few days.  I may make some posts today to be scheduled for the next few days, so don't totally desert me.  I just really need a break!  I feel so tired lately that I don't even have the energy to enter giveaways or go shopping.  (That just goes to show how down I feel!!!)

So, while I'm getting myself strait I encourage you all to explore.  Visit the blogs I have listed on the right side of my site.  Some are deal and coupon blogs, some are giveaways blogs, and some are just blogs I enjoy and are inspired by!  Have some fun and have a great week!

August 14, 2010


So, everyone wants to know.....Who won the $25.00 Kroger Gift Card?  I had 75 entries and out of those Random.Org chose number.........................



Congratulations Debbie who said:

debbie said... 7

I want the card, because I love shopping at krogers. They often have the best deals in town.

August 6, 2010 7:47 AM
Thank you everyone who entered.  Keep on the lookout for more giveaways to come.  Debbie I have emailed you and you now have 48 hours to get back with me or another winner will be selected!

Satureday's Giveaways!

Here is a list of some of the great giveaways I am trying to win!  I hope you are all winning too!  This week I won a personalized book from MyFairyTailBooks and a $60 CSN Gift Card!  What did you win?  Hurry and enter all these now and Good Luck!!!

For The Mommas is giving away a pair of Crocs in winners choice!-Ends 8/14

In Through The Out Door is giving away a Glide Bike!-Ends 8/14

Thrifty Wifey is giving away your choice of one Closet Organizer Accessory!-Ends 8/27

A Few ShortCuts is giving away a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card!-Ends 8/16

Momma D Jane is giving away a Count and Learn Cookie Jar!-Ends 8/21

Bargain Fun is giving away Fabkins!-Ends 8/20

Abby Approved is giving away a Kidorable Umbrella!-Ends 8/24 (Yes!!! I am still trying to win this for Will!)

Thrifty & Chic Mom is giving away a TJ Maxx &Marshalls $25 Gift Card!-Ends 8/24

Seeryus Mama is giving away a White Heat Gift Pack which includes a digital camera!-Ends 8/24

Is There A Bathroom On This Ship? is giving away a Zehn Naturals organic t-shirt!-Ends 8/14

Frugally Thrifty is giving away Smiley Cookies!-Ends 8/23

The Cartoon Lovin' Momma is giving away a Pawsitively Precious Gift Pack!-Ends 8/15
She also has a giveaway for Pet n' Shape treats-Ends 816 & a Fleece Ball from Bentleys Bones-Ends 8/17 (Don't miss all her other giveaways I didn't list here!)

The Dalai Mama is giving away a Travelocity Gift Card!-Ends 8/16 (You must be a follower to enter, but it's so worth it! She has a great blog that lists lots of giveaways!)

August 13, 2010

Random Stuff and Last Day to Enter My Giveaway That has LOW ENTRIES!

The last few days had so much happen!  So, today will just be a bit of a run down of all the excitement going on here.   Plus don't forget that $25.00 Kroger Gift Card I'm giving away!!!  It ends tonight and your chances are great! 

Well, let me start out with Hubby!  He got a call at the last minute Friday to play at the Cigar Club when the guy scheduled didn't show.  Lucky for us he got to do the show and made enough to pay his truck note this month.  Woooohoooo!!!!! 

We had a two birthday parties on Saturday for four different people.  Hubby played that night for one of the birthday parties too!  It was a nice.

Sunday was a bit of a blurr.  I didn't wake up in time for Church.  Other than that I don't remember much of it.  I think we stayed around the house and rested.

Monday and Tuesday Hubby worked and Will and I did errands.  I also have been working in the garden the last few days pulling weeds and getting it ready for more planting.  By Tuesday I was able to plant.  I planted some more zucchini, carrots, and pumpkin.  Now I'm praying I get something to grow out of it. 

Between all this, Will has started pulling this "I'm not going to listen and will talk back" thing.  So, I got the idea to start a listening chart.  I will be posting more about that another time.  It is working to some degree though.

Wednesday Hubby had a show at The Porch Coffee House.  It was a good show, but at the last minute our babysitter backed out.  So, lucky for us it is a coffee house (that serves adult drinks) and we could bring children in.  I let Will come for about an hour and a half.  He loved it.  He is a little performer though!  He almost stole the show.  I took him to a friends home when he started getting tired and cranky though.

Thursday we took the money Hubby made from that show and bought Will a new bike.  His old one was getting to small.  I took him for a check up that morning and he is now 43 lb and 41 in tall.  He isn't even 4 yet!  He is going to be a big boy like his daddy! 

So, my question is...What should I do with the old bike?  Should I put it in a garage sale?  Should I try to sell it on eBay?  I don't know anyone who has a little boy around here who could use it.  All the children around here are girls or new born boys.  What do you suggest?

August 12, 2010

Giveaway Ends Tomorrow and Has VERY LOW ENTRIES!!!

Don't forget my $25.00 Kroger Gift Card Giveaway ends Tomorrow!  Hurry and enter now!  Entries are VERY LOW!!!!

August 10, 2010

Giveaway Tuesday!

I know I was lacking on Saturday.  I have been busy this week and just haven't had time for my computer or any of those great giveaways.  I have only been hurting my self, but I intend to make that up today!

Come on over and enter these great giveaways with me!!!

That's Fabulous is giving away a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card! Who couldn't use that right!!!!-Ends 8/12

The Nutritionist Reviews is giving away Jewelry Stylist Tear Drop Earrings! They got the bling factor ladies!-Ends 8/14

Grammy Janet's Place is giving away a Dinosaur Train Under the Sea DVD!  My son would love this!-Ends 8/16

Jessica's Coupons is giving away a Pooh & Friends Prize Pack! Who doesn't love Pooh?-Ends 8/15

My Baking Blog is giving away a Le Crueset Pie Dish from the CSN Store! My pies would look good in this!-Ends 8/12

The Funky Monkey is giving away a beautiful Wind & Weather Hammered Hose Pot that I would LOVE to have!-Ends 8/12

The Give-Away Diva is giving away a pair of Blue fire agate with tiny blue topaz rondelles earrings! Beautiful!-Ends 9/5

Good Luck!!

August 9, 2010

Garden Magic!

My garden is growing so fast, it's like magic!  I planted some cucumbers a few weeks back and all of a sudden there they were!  Big fat cucumbers!  I totally missed when they started.  Hubby noticed them and asked me why I didn't start picking some.  I ran to see and sure enough, there they where!  I got about 17 out of it that day and found a ton more just starting!

I also picked about 35 tomatoes that day.  (I forgot to take a picture of those.)

Will planted a mini watermelon a while back and we just picked it.  I have never seen a watermelon so small.  It was so cute and just as good as a big one. 

For the last few days I have been working hard getting the garden ready to plant some fall vegetables.  I am hopefully going to plant today.  I still have some work that I need to do first, but I plan on planting some pumpkin, more zucchini, and some carrots.  I'm a little nervous about the pumpkin and carrots!  I started some of the pumpkin seeds in cups last month.  Only two cups took.  I hope they transfer nicely.

This is a picture of the sky just to show how beautiful the day was !

August 8, 2010

A New Sweep!

Did anyone enter any of the instant win games I listed the other day?  Did you win?  I did.  Yesterday I was surprised to get a t-shirt from the Tornados Racing!  Fed Ex dropped it off and I was totally surprised.  They say you will get an email if you win anything, but I never saw it.  I don't know what happened, but I am not complaining!

Her is a new sweepstakes I found thanks to Helping Moms Connect!

The Grand prize winner will get a to go on a 7-night Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera for you and 3 quests and a Toy Story 3 Video Game!

75 First Prize Winners will get a Toy Story 3 video game!

You can play daily. It ends August 15, 2010 at 11:59 pm.

If you missed my other sweeps post you can go HERE to start entering those!  Good Luck!!!!

August 7, 2010

Saturday's Giveaways!

Ok, so I didn't have much time this week for giveaway entering but this is a big one that I want to win!!!!!

Getting all my Ducks in a row is giving away a $100.00 CSN Gift Card-Ends 8/7 (Today!!!!)

This is the giveaway I have going on right now!

Win a $25.00 Kroger Stores Gift Card-Ends 8/13

I know I am lacking today on the giveaways, so I will make a post later on in the week of giveaways to make up for it!!!!  Keep a lookout for that!  I won something this week for Will!  Did you win anything this week?

August 5, 2010

Kroger Gift Card Giveaway!!!!


Wow! I get to do another Kroger Gift Card Giveaway!!!!  You are some lucky readers!

The reason I get so excited is because it is Kroger's!  They have some great deals.  Right now you can't beat their "Add Up the Savings"  Event.  You can stock up on some of the brands like General Mills and Kimberly Clark.  This even is going on from August 8 through August 21. 

How does it work?  Glad you asked.  If you buy 8 of the participating products, you will get $4.00 off your total purchase!

Bonus:  You get to start collection all those Special Bonus Box Tops offers to help your schools now.  You can go to to register and you get 5 Bonus Box Tops just for signing up.  Your school will be thrilled to get your support.  It is supper easy for you too, because there is no cutting involved.  When you scan your Kroger card the Box Tops go strait to your school of choice.  Easy right!

Now For The Giveaway!!!

One of my readers will win a $25.00 Kroger Gift Card to start you out on adding up those savings and collecting those Bonus Box Tops!

Mandatory Entry must be done for any other entry to count!  You must leave your email address in your comments so that I can get in touch with you if you win!  You must also leave a separate comment for each entry.

Mandatory Entry:  (Closed)

Let me know why you want the $25.00 Kroger Gift Card. 

Bonus Entry's:

1.  Be a follower of my blog!

2.  Follow me on twitter and tweet the following......Can be done daily!

     Enter to win a $25 Kroger Gift Card at from #myblogspark

3.  Tell me some of the participating items you would buy to get your $4.00 off.

That's it!  The Kroger Gift Card can be used at any of the Kroger Family of Stores and is provided by those stores, General Mills, and Kimberly Clark through MyBlogSpark.  The giveaway will end in one week, on August 13 at 11:59 pm.  The winner will have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be drawn. will be used to draw a winner for this giveaway.  Good Luck!!!

Thankful Thursday!

Yesterday was one of those days that just scream "God put me here for a reason!" even though the rest of the day really sucks!

You see, my Mother-In-Law has a hurt back and needs help doing some of her house work (like floors and stuff).  And since Her daughter refuses to help her and her other daughter-in-law always seems to be way to busy to even grace her with a visit when her husband goes over, I get to be the one doing all the work.

I am so thankful for knowing that God forgives me.  I read over and over that I should do for others with no expectation of appreciation or payment.  For my actions are noted and I will be rewarded greatly in Heaven!!!  That is something I find I repeatedly remind myself very often lately.

I also had that "God put me here for a reason!" feeling yesterday.  Not 5 minutes after I got to her house to start cleaning, she calls me from her job and tells me she needs her insulin NOW!  Her sugar is at 500!  If I can't get it to her she is going to be shipped to the hospital.  I am the only one around who can bring it to her and just happen to be at her house to get it.  Other wise, I would have to travel 25 min to her house and another 45 min to her job.  She could have never made it that long.

So, I did get her her meds and everything turned out well.  I still had to do my grocery shopping and clean her house and some of mine plus cook dinner.   I was a worn out lady!  I made it even though I found out her other son was going for a visit that evening with out his new wife and with all his (4) kids that would tear up her house and all my work would be for nothing. 

Again I must wait for my reward in Heaven! Thank you God for all your mercy and forgiveness!  I can't even imagine your love for me and how strong it is, but I know have it!!!!

Thanks for reading (if you are still here) and sorry for all the negativity today.  I am still searching for my Happy Place!  Thank you to Laurie at Women Taking A Stand for hosting Thankful Thursdays this month!

August 3, 2010

Great and Free!

I love getting free things in the mail!  Especially when it is a full size item for me to try!  I have been luck enough to get full size bottles of shampoo, packs of razors, bottles of bubble bath, and so much more.  I continuously get samples of items from food products to laundry products.  The mail lady also leaves me tones of coupons every week in my mail box. 

How do I get all this you ask?  Well I will share some of my tips with you today! (Aren't you glad you stoped to visit today!!)

I singed up with a few companies that send me things to try.  They do this to advertise by spreading the word about their product.  They hope you like it and share the in closed coupons with your friends.  They get advertisement this way that they could never get any other way.  This is your advantage. 

Here are a few companies I singed up with.

BzzAgent in a great word-of-mouth marketing network to try new products and spread the product by word or mouth!

Vocalpoint is a community for women that provides valuable and interesting insite about new products, coupons, samples, and so much more!

Pssst... is a network that works with some of the best known food companies and brands like General Meals.  They like to share news, samples, and coupons with it's members!

If you would like to sign up with some of these companies let me know!  I can get you a special invitation.  Sign up is free and you can always look it up and sign up on your own, but what fun is that?  Why not start with a friend?

I will have more posts later on that shares my little secrets on how I get so much for so little!