August 3, 2010

Great and Free!

I love getting free things in the mail!  Especially when it is a full size item for me to try!  I have been luck enough to get full size bottles of shampoo, packs of razors, bottles of bubble bath, and so much more.  I continuously get samples of items from food products to laundry products.  The mail lady also leaves me tones of coupons every week in my mail box. 

How do I get all this you ask?  Well I will share some of my tips with you today! (Aren't you glad you stoped to visit today!!)

I singed up with a few companies that send me things to try.  They do this to advertise by spreading the word about their product.  They hope you like it and share the in closed coupons with your friends.  They get advertisement this way that they could never get any other way.  This is your advantage. 

Here are a few companies I singed up with.

BzzAgent in a great word-of-mouth marketing network to try new products and spread the product by word or mouth!

Vocalpoint is a community for women that provides valuable and interesting insite about new products, coupons, samples, and so much more!

Pssst... is a network that works with some of the best known food companies and brands like General Meals.  They like to share news, samples, and coupons with it's members!

If you would like to sign up with some of these companies let me know!  I can get you a special invitation.  Sign up is free and you can always look it up and sign up on your own, but what fun is that?  Why not start with a friend?

I will have more posts later on that shares my little secrets on how I get so much for so little!

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