August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Yesterday was one of those days that just scream "God put me here for a reason!" even though the rest of the day really sucks!

You see, my Mother-In-Law has a hurt back and needs help doing some of her house work (like floors and stuff).  And since Her daughter refuses to help her and her other daughter-in-law always seems to be way to busy to even grace her with a visit when her husband goes over, I get to be the one doing all the work.

I am so thankful for knowing that God forgives me.  I read over and over that I should do for others with no expectation of appreciation or payment.  For my actions are noted and I will be rewarded greatly in Heaven!!!  That is something I find I repeatedly remind myself very often lately.

I also had that "God put me here for a reason!" feeling yesterday.  Not 5 minutes after I got to her house to start cleaning, she calls me from her job and tells me she needs her insulin NOW!  Her sugar is at 500!  If I can't get it to her she is going to be shipped to the hospital.  I am the only one around who can bring it to her and just happen to be at her house to get it.  Other wise, I would have to travel 25 min to her house and another 45 min to her job.  She could have never made it that long.

So, I did get her her meds and everything turned out well.  I still had to do my grocery shopping and clean her house and some of mine plus cook dinner.   I was a worn out lady!  I made it even though I found out her other son was going for a visit that evening with out his new wife and with all his (4) kids that would tear up her house and all my work would be for nothing. 

Again I must wait for my reward in Heaven! Thank you God for all your mercy and forgiveness!  I can't even imagine your love for me and how strong it is, but I know have it!!!!

Thanks for reading (if you are still here) and sorry for all the negativity today.  I am still searching for my Happy Place!  Thank you to Laurie at Women Taking A Stand for hosting Thankful Thursdays this month!

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  1. Doing good, mama!!! Thanks for sharing!

    PS - nominated you for an award. SO glad you are you!

    ~ Simone