July 31, 2010

Saturday's Giveaways!

Here are some more of those great giveaways I have been entering! I really want to win all of these!  How about you?

Piece of Me is giving away a $60.00 CSN Store Gift Card-Ends 8/5

(Sorry about this one! It closed early or something! The gift card has already been given away.) Cherry on a Cake is giving away a $50.00 CSN Store Gift Card-Ends 7/31 (Today!!)

Mass Hole Mommy is giving away a I Hate To Cook Book to Two winners-Ends 8/7

Mass Hole Mommy is also giving away a Crayola Color Wonder Prize Pack-Ends 8/7

Shelley's Swag is giving away a I Hate To Cook Book to Two winners-Ends 8/10

Hallee The Homemaker is giving away a Kitchenaid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer-Ends 8/6

Kiddies Corner Deals is giving away a Kidorable Umbrella-Ends 8/13 (I have been trying to win Will one of these for ever!!)

One Zillion Books is giving away a Color Wonder Prize Package-Ends 8/8

Good Luck Everyone!

July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

I enjoy Thankful Thursday!  It is the day when I can really sit down and reflect on my week.  Sometimes life gets so busy, you just can't find that moment to thank God for all that He has given you!

Today I would like to thank Him for all the good health my family has. We have had our share of scares, doctors visits, hospital visits, and now daily medications, but all is well as far as I'm concerned.  We have enjoyed our youth and are still old enough to appreciate all we have. 

Our son was born with little complication and to this day, he is a healthy growing little boy.  We couldn't ask for more!

So Thank You God for all the good health you have blessed us with, and I pray we continue to enjoy such a blessing from You!

Visit Spiritually Unequal Marriage for more Thankful Thursday blessings!

July 28, 2010

Great Instant Win Games!

Here are a few great instant win games I found.  See what all you can win!

Try the Wheel of Fire and win a box of Hot Tamales! You can spin till you win!!!

Try the Bic Soleil 100 Days of Sunshine Instant Win Game. You can play once a day for your chance to win some great prizes! One of which is a Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport 2 seater!

You can try to win $75,000.00 or a Special Limited Edition Poster, Blu-ray or DVD from 20th Century Fox as part of their 75th Anniversary Celebration! Play Daily!

Kroger also has an instant win game called Kroger Summer of Savings!  You can win any one of the over 150,000 prizes available. Play Daily!

Post and Got Milk has an instant win game you can play daily too! Go to Unlock Their Potential for your chance to win!  You can win Leap Frog items, school items, Gift Cards, and so much more!!!

Try the Tornados Ride of a Lifetime instant win game! You could win a trip to Charlotte, NC or one of many other prizes including $500.00!  Bonus: you can play twice a day!!!

Bed Bath & Beyond and HGTV have an instant win game called Home Sweet Dorm Sweepstakes! You can play daily for your chance to win a &5,000 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card, a 10,000 Check, or one of the other great prizes! They have a Gift Card Winner Every Hour!!!! It could be you!

Thank You to Free Sample Freak and Freebies 4 Mom for the list of giveaways listed here!

July 27, 2010

As Random As It Gets

Today I just have some random rambling about my life.  You can read along if you like.

1. How hard is it to get FOX where you live?  Apparently we have to pay outrageous and still don't get the local FOX chanel.   I spent HOURS yesterday on the phone with two different satellite companies and an online company affiliated some how with one of them.  After all that I thought I had it, but then Hubby tells me he doesn't want it because it is a FOX out of Chicago and so when the Saints games come on they will not be played because the Chicago are wants to watch their team not the Saints.  He only wants FOX for the Saint's games, so that wasn't going to work.  Finlay I decided to stay with the satellite company I am with so I don't have to make a 24 month commitment to the other one.  The plus side to all this was that I got my bill lowered by $18.00.  Go got rid of the Starz channels and then found out they had been charging me for something they discontinued.  (They just never told their customers that the charge for that particular thing was discontinued.  You actually had to call them to have the charge stoped on your bill!  My question is "How long have I needlessly been paying for this?")

2. My phone was also burning up with my insurance company.  Hubby has to have the windshield of his truck changed in order to have it inspected.  He just didn't tell me it needed to be inspected by the end of this month.  I will be on the phone with them again today.

3. It was nasty rainy out side, so Will and Charlott where stuck in the house.  Will got to play watch too many cartoons and play with play-doh, the dog just watched me with a boring look on her face as I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, then moped the floors.  She found the vacuum cleaner and the wet floors a little fun though.

4. Today I get to wash clothes and do more cleaning.  The kids get to stay inside again most of the day today.  I also have to think of something to cook for dinner!  I am limited since I have made up my mind not to go to the store and spend any more money at the moment.  The car needs gas in it too!

5. Will refused to clean his toys up last night until the very last minute and so, missed his bath (he didn't get dirty yesterday anyway).  Today he is driving me crazy about why he can't have a tattoo.  When I explained to him that it won't stick because he is dirty, he asks me why I would dare say he is dirty.  I kindly remind him he didn't take a bath because he didn't clean up his toys in time.  Oh! he said and walks away.  I'm sure that conversation will repeat itself  many times today since it isn't even 9:00 am yet!

I hope everyone else has a great day today!

July 26, 2010

Working Hard!

This weekend was a busy one once again.  It doesn't seem like we will ever have a relaxing one! 

It started on Friday.  I decided to take Will to the local park where they just installed some new playground equipment.  He hasn't been in a while because it has been so hot here.  That made this trip so much more fun!  He played and played!  By the time I told him it was time to go he just said "Ok." and headed to the truck.  When we got in the truck he said "Mommy, I am burnt out.".  So cute!!!  And he was!  He took a nap when we got home.  This child very rarely takes a nap now.  That afternoon we took a trip to visit some friends.  He played there until he was wore out again. 

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to.  This was for a one year old.  Thank goodness it was a fairly quick one and we where able to leave without much fuss.  Hubby had to go get working on his truck!

We got home and Hubby got to the task of fixing his truck.  (That thing is getting to be a big money pit!)  He had to change the starter and it turned out to be a hard, long, expensive job!  The only up side was watching Will "work on" his bike with Daddy's tools! 

He made names for the tools based on what he herd us call them.  Then he tried to figure out how each one worked and what he could do with them on his bike.  By the end of the weekend (It took more than one day to fix the truck) his bike was "fixed" and looking it's best and he was covered in dirt, sweat, and I'm not sure what else.  He was a mess, but had a blast helping Daddy! 

Today I have a house to clean, phone calls to make, and a few errands to run.  I don't think today will be any more restful.  I am hoping for a restful Tuesday or Wednesday!

July 24, 2010

Saturday's Giveaways!

Here are some of the giveaways I entered this week that I would LOVE to win!! Most of them are things I want to win for Will so bad it hurts. I wish you all good luck, but please let me know if anyone is winning any of these great giveaway I have been posting! This week was a good one for me.  I won a hand made tote bag and a beautiful ring.  I also got the opportunity to do a review for The CSN Store that will be coming up soon!

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife is giving away an Animal Charms Photo Pendant-Ends 8/7

Leslie Loves Veggies is giving away TWO Personalized MyFairyTaleBooks-Ends 8/4

Yellow Tennessee is giving away a Patriotic Pillow Pet-Ends 8/4

The Mom Reviews is giving away a Kung Zhu Battle Prize Pack-Ends 7/27

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves is giving away a Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate ship Water Table-Ends 8/5 (Why can't I ever win a giveaway like this? At least I try!)

Piece of Me is giving away a Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck-Ends 8/4 (Another great giveaway I would love to win for Will!!!)

Kiddies Corner Deals is giving away a $60.00 CSN Gift Card-Ends 8/6

Kiddies Corner Deals is also giving away a $50.00 Visa Gift Card to one of her followers-Ends 8/9

July 23, 2010

So Much To Choose From.....

I know you have all been reading my blog every day right? Of course you have! And I know you all remember the CSN Gift Card Giveaway I had a few weeks ago. Well The CSN Store contacted me again! This time I get to do a review! (Cant' you tell I'm soooo excited!)

So what exactly do I get to review? Well they have over 200 stores and I have to look through every one of them, and then make a decision on what I want to review. I would love to review one of the beautiful dining room tables they have. My dinning room table is as old as I am. No really, it is! It was the table I grew up with in my parents house. It is now sitting in my dining room waiting the the day my Father-in-law sits a little too hard on one of the poor rickety chairs. Or it could be waiting for my son to play monkey boy, and climb on top of it and jump around. Either way, it's days are numbered!

Then again, I would love to have one of those hard-anodized 2.5 quart pots they have. Let me tell you, that would get used every day! Every Day People!!!

But in all reality Will always comes first. I may just find myself reviewing nothing. Will may be the one reviewing! He will surly want some great toy from the amazing list of toys they have.

They even have pet items that Charlotte could be getting to review!

Can you guess what I will review? If you have some great suggestions, please let me know! I would be so happy to see what you would love to review from the CSN Store!

July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Sometimes life gets so busy that you forget to take a moment to reflect on your blessings. I feel that way more and more lately.

I have had to take a moment to myself and remember to thank God for all that I have. Most of the time I surprise myself by how much of the day has flown by before I take that moment. I have always said a prayer as I went to bed. I recently started adding a prayer when I wake up as part of that ritual. The part I have trouble with lately is to stop and pray throughout the day. Before I had prayed 10 or 15 times a day for all kinds of little things. Like for the people in the cars I pass on my way to the grocery store, or for the new girl at the register of fast food joint by hour house. She looks like she was having a bad day and there is a good chance I will never see her again since I don't often have the chance to eat out very often.

Sometimes my prayers go out for people I know and sometimes for people I don't, but the majority of my prayers are thankful prayers. I try to thank His as often as I can for His continual love and care he gives me. He has blessed me beyond belief. I have a home, a healthy family, food, and all the love I could ever need. Every day I find something to thank him for. Even if it's just to thank him for the rain or the way the bread I just made came out.

Today though, I am thankful that I can talk to Him and pray any time I want to. I am not limited to only at bed time or only at church. I can call on Him and praise Him literally any time I want. I have found my self in some odd places praying before. You will never believe how relaxing and in touch I feel with my Heavenly Father in the bath tub. I figured He made me this way, so why not have a conversation with Him in my bath. A big bonus is that in the bath tub or shower may be the only quite time I get to reflect on my day and send up my praise to the Father I love so much!

What are you thankful for? Join us over at
Spiritually Unequal Marriage and share your thankfulness today!

July 21, 2010

Why A Rainy Day = Joy To My Dog!

My dog must be one in a million! I never would have though she would enjoy a rainy day like she does. After a good rain she is just dieing to go out side. Of coures I think she needs to go out to do her business now that the rain is over. I would be wrong!

She is killing me to go out because she wants to search for all the frogs and crawfish that come out after a good rain. The first thing she does is go to the edge of our property where we have a ditch dug to drain the water from our yard. She knows that the frogs hang out there and the crawfish aren't far away.

The frogs apparently have a bad affect on her mouth when she licks them. They make her drool uncontrollably and still she doesn't care. She plays with them until they are no longer able to hop or pretty much move. The crawfish are a different story though. They try to back up into the grass. She just digs them out. Then they stand up and try to pinch her with there claws. They usually make her holler a little when they grab her lips and hold on. You should see her swing them around. You can't help but laugh and then wrought her on because after that bit of pain the crawfish just inflicted, you want her to win! And she does. She eats everything but the claws! She just leaves them there as if to say "Let this be a warning to all you other crawfish. I will get you too and your claws are no match for me!"

I have come to think that she is a cajun dog. Only cajuns like crawfish that much! Here are a few pictures, so that you can see exactly what I'm talking about!

The Crawfish!

The Showdown!

The Crawfish has her by the lips!

But in the end the Dog WINNS!

July 19, 2010

Bling Please!

I don't know about you, but I like a little bling every now and then. I feel so dull sometimes, that a little sparkle just purks me right up.

I am a jewelry loving kind of girl, so when I found ChunkyBling.com I fell in love! Every item they sell speaks of the sparkle and elegance I was looking for. They have everything from
interchangeable watches to Swarovski Pearl rings!

As I looked I was blown away with all the beaded jewelry . I love the fact that it's all handmade!!! Someone actually sat down and made each piece. One of my favorite items are the interchangeable necklaces. They have so many charm clusters, that you can find one to match each and every outfit you own.

You can pick a set that is already made or you can mix and match to build your very own jewelry. And best of all, every item is priced at a wallet friendly price! So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out and find your own inner Bling!

July 17, 2010

Saturday's Giveaways!

It's time for all those great giveaways I have been finding. Here is a list of some of them. I hope everyone out wins one this week. So far this week I have been the winner of a Betty Crocker Delicious Desserts prize package and a t-shirt from Flirty Diva Tees! I am so thrilled!!! So, what are you waiting for....hurry and enter all these great giveaways! You might just win!

Second Time Around is giving away a 7"x10" Earring Holder from Earring Holder Gallery-Ends 7/27

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves is giving away a Toy Quest Banzai Safari Falls Pool-Ends 7/27

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves is also giving away a pair of Quick Dry Zero Gravity Chairs-Ends 7/29

Recaptured Charm is giving away a sterling silver chain and a cz cross-Ends 7/19

Maria's Space is giving away The I Hate To Cook Book-Ends 7/24

Moms Wear Your Tees Blog is giving away a Guidecraft Play Work Bench for Kids-Ends 8/13

Take A Mom's Word For It is giving away a personalized sterling silver pendant w/a swarovski bead-Ends 7/30

Women-Prenuers Galore is giving away a Brugo Mug-Ends 7/25

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

July 16, 2010


Well, what can I say? It's Friday once again and I don't have anything funny to share. I have been sick with my allergies and sinuses the last few days and that is not fun! Will has been doing some fun things though.

Wednesday was his last day of the Summer Reading Program at the local library. They had a party with some carnival like games. He got to pick a duck and toss balls into some cones to knock them off the table. He also got to play ring toss. He did well at all the games he tried. They gave the children candy when they won. He ended up with a good amount of candy in my library bag. After the games where over everyone got cake and punch. It was a good ending to a great summer program. Our library had the most participation and the most books read in our parish.

Yesterday Will got to visit with some of his cousins we don't see that often. He had fun at their house and didn't want to leave. I had to assure him he would see them for his birthday, if not before. He always has fun with them because there are 4 of them and one of him. He always has someone to play with!

Tonight Will and I will be going on a sleep over at his MeeMaw's house. He is excited over this! Maybe next time it will be just Will sleeping over. Miracles do happen!

July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Another week is almost over and I really don't know how I made it to Thursday. I don't remember much of the week, since it passed by so fast.

Something else that is going to fast is Will's growth. He is getting so big. He is so tall and so smart. He is almost too smart for his age. Some of the things he says is beyond me. I find that a lot of the time I am just too floored to react to what he says.

Of course it's not all good. He is also going through that rebellious stage of seeing how long I will let him go before punishment comes. He has to be told many many times to pick up his toys before he does it. Sometimes he even waits until I am going to go over to him before he gets his little but in gear and starts picking them up. He always has an excuse of why he should not have to pick them up right away. I'm starting to think I have a pre-teen in a pre-schoolers body.

I am thankful though. Thankful that he is smart and growing. Thankful that God has blessed me with an almost perfect child. One who is healthy and loving. A child that is truly made just for us. He may be a hand full at times, but I could never even begin to imaging our lives without him.

To share what you are thankful for this week hop on over to see Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage today!

July 13, 2010

So Big!

My garden is doing so good. Well not exactly the best, but still very good. I had so many tomatoes picked out of it already. Of course they are all the very small tomatoes. Will likes those kind because he can just pop them into his mouth.

My cucumber plants are growing and I found a zucchini growing. I have tons of flowers on all my plants too! The green onions are doing well. (I didn't think they were going to take at first.)

But the most amazing thing is the corn! Everyone who herd I was going to plant corn thought I lost it. Now look at it!

Now I need to weed! I think I will plant my pumpkins soon too!

July 12, 2010

Look What I Got Today!!!

I love winning giveaways and getting good deals! But, the best is when they actually show up in the mail!!!! It gives me such a big thrill to see those packages!!!!

Today the mail lady dropped off two of my much awaited packages. First I opened the digital key chain I won from Nichol at Kiddies Corner Deals! Wow! It's so cute! First off it's pink! (I have started really liking pink as I have gotten older for some reason.) Then on top of that I was able to have it engraved on the back! So cute!!!

Then the next box held the business cards we had made from Vista Print for Hubby! They had a deal for 250 cards for free. You just pay shipping. Well, Hubby didn't care for the free cards, but we did find a good deal on the ones he did want. They were $3.99 for 250 cards. So, we still saved around $18.00. (Don't quote me on those prices. I have sleep since the day we paid for them. The prices could be off by a dollar or two.) Still we got a good deal. When I opened the box I was so happy with them. They are professional and just what we expected!

So, what did you get in the mail this week?

July 10, 2010

Saturday's Giveaways!

Here is my list of fabulous giveaways I entered this week. I hope I win, but if not I would love for one of my great readers to win!!!

Opinions of a Moody Mama is giving away a Miraclesuit of winners choice-Ends 7/13

Opinions of a Moody Mama is also giving away a Brugo Mug-Ends 7/14

A Bittersweet Existence Reviews is giving away an In Balance Mattress Pad from Select Comfort-Ends 7/13

A Bittersweet Existence Reviews is giving away a Cuisipro Delux Batter Bowl-Ends 7/18

Mom vs. the Boys is giving away a PlasmaCar-Ends 7/22

Coupon Clippin' Mommy is giving away a BRUGO Mug-Ends 7/27

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

July 9, 2010

Friday Funnies!

Well last week was a bit of a haze and I don't think I did a Friday Funny post, so today is the day. Here is a picture of my dog pulling my son through the house. That's right, the dog is pulling the boy! If I would have waited a few more seconds to take the picture you would have seen my child face first on the floor with my dog standing over him with a smile on her face! Seriously!! He is so mean to her most of the time and she just takes it. This was the moment of her revenge!

For more Friday Funnies to get you ready for the weekend or to just lift you up from the week, visit Kim at Homesteader's Heart!

July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Thanks for visiting me again on this wonderful Thursday! I have so much to be thankful for this week!!! I fill my cup overflowing!!!!

I have a great relationship with God that I am working on to get even stronger. I have recently become more aware of all the little small almost unnoticeable things that He has done for me lately. I am sure I am missing a ton more, but at least I am starting to see some right!

My family is all healthy, happy, and filled with love! What more can I ask for!

I have also been blessed with so many friends. I have always been the kind of person to have a few friends that I talk to every now and then but don't often spend all that much time with. My family life was always too busy and my friendships where never really all that close. Well, lately God has given me more reasons to be around those friends that are true and dear to me. He has also helped me be away from the more destructive friends and yet I can still call maintain relations ships with them on a different level. (Does that make since?)

I am also so thankful for Hubby's musical career getting off the ground. We put so much effort and time into it. So many have helped us and his confidence has been going sky high some days to down in the dumps and lower other times. Somehow The Good Lord always knows how to lift him back up. We are confident we made the right decisions and are doing as the He intended all in His time!

I am thankful for all the prayers from all of you! I can't say thank you enough!!! We felt every one!!!

I hope everyone finds in their darkest hour at least one thing to be thankful for! May God bless you all!!!!

Thanks to Lynn over at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for hosting Thankful Thursdays this month!!!

July 7, 2010

Why Is This So Hard? I Would Have Been Thrilled!

Why is it that hosting a giveaway is so hard? I did my research! I did my post! And lots entered! I then chose a winner and nothing. My email or comment box heard crickets! So, I chose a second winner. (sigh) Again nothing. I would have been thrilled to win a $40.00 CSN Store Gift Card! So, why is it that I can't get a winner to contact me back?

Well, Colleen and Marla lost their chance! So, I have decided to give it to the first person who leaves me a comment and tells me they want it! There is a catch though! You have to have already entered my $40.00 CSN Store Gift Card Giveaway. If you entered it before it closed on July 30th and you are the first to leave me a comment on this post telling me you want it, then it's all yours! (I will check to make sure you previously entered my $40.00 CSN Store Gift Card Giveaway!)

Thank you to all who entered and Good Luck!
(CLOSED! A Winner has been found! And a consolation prize to the second commenter has been offered!)

July 5, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!!!!

I went garage saleing for the first time in a very long time Saturday! I got up early, got Will up, and made it out the door by 6:00 am. Armed with a GPS and the Garage Sale section of the newspaper, we were on our way.

On our first stop we found tons of baby items. We had no use for any of it, but I did score some yarn though!!!! (very happy about that. My crochet addiction is growing!) I think we did very well Saturday. We hit around 15 different sales and I came home with some good stuff.

Of course I did cheat! I hit a garage sale Friday!!! (giggling) I got a Dooney and Bourke purse for......wait for it.....wait for it.....$2.00!!!! I also got two heavy cross stocking holders for 50 cents each! Will got a book for 25 cents!

That just made my Saturday finds even more special. I got two shirts (that fit me so well I am amazed), a winter snugly wrap, a set of 2 chenille pillows and a matching throw from Kirkland's that was brand new still in the package, some great glass necklaces, a new pink Snuggie, a rolling kids suitcase with matching smaller bag for Will, also a Lightning McQueen rolling back pack for him, and my biggest find.....a bread machine!!!! All together I spent $7.50 Saturday and $3.50 Friday. That was a total of $11.00!!! I love Garage Sales!!!

My new bread machine makes great bread! I washed it and then tried it Saturday night!!

To top off everything Friday I got a delivery I was waiting for! I ordered some Crocs for Hubby, my Father-In-Law, and Myself. I got them for $13.00 each SHIPPED!!!! How you ask? Well, I saw the deal and coupon codes on Brad's Deals. It's one of my favorite places to find printable coupons and coupon codes! Right now he has a way to get a pair of kids starfish crocs shipped for $9.00. What a deal!!!

The pair in the middle are mine. They are bubble gum pink in MENS! Who would have thought!

So what kinds of deals have you been coming across? I would love to know! So, please share!!!

July 3, 2010

Because Colleen did not get back with in 48 hours (really about 96 hours because I am generous like that), I had to choose a new winner for the $40.00 CSN Gift Card!

The New Winner of the $40.00 CSN Gift Card is.....#141

Marla said...

I follow on Twitter and tweeted:http://twitter.com/nanatide/status/17034151221

Congratulations Marla!!! Colleen's loss is your gain today! I have emailed you and you have 48 hours to get back in touch with me or another winner will be chosen!

Giveaway Saturday!

Once again, I am going to share with all my lucky readers some of the great giveaways that I have been entering this week! Aren't you a lucky bunch:) So, go on and enter them with me! You never know when that "You are a Winner!" email is going to come your way!!!!

Kiddies Corner Deals is giving away an Interchangeable Beaded Watch w/winners choice of band and face-Ends 7/12

Chica and Jo is giving away cupcake baking supplies-Ends 7/6

I Never Grew Up is giving away a Leapster Explorer and Toy Story Game-Ends 7/3 (Today at 7pm!!!!!! Will would so love this!)

Kitten With A Whiplash is giving away a CSN $40.00 Gift Card-Ends 7/4

Forgetfulone is giving away a CSN $60.00 Gift Card-Ends 7/5

2Pawas Designs is also giving away a CSN $60.00 Gift Card-Ends 7/6

Good Luck Everyone!!!

July 1, 2010

CSN Store Winner!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaways!

Random.org chose # 42!

Congratulations to Colleen who won my $40.00 CSN Gift Card Giveaway!

Colleen said...

Oops, should have done this first...I like this...it would be awesome if I had the right kind of bathroom: http://www.justvanities.com/Pegasus--PGS2259.html?cv=1
June 17, 2010 1:24 PM

Colleen, you have 48 hours to contact me! You didn't leave your email address, so I have no way of contacting you. In 48 hours if I have not herd from you I will choose a new winner!