July 13, 2010

So Big!

My garden is doing so good. Well not exactly the best, but still very good. I had so many tomatoes picked out of it already. Of course they are all the very small tomatoes. Will likes those kind because he can just pop them into his mouth.

My cucumber plants are growing and I found a zucchini growing. I have tons of flowers on all my plants too! The green onions are doing well. (I didn't think they were going to take at first.)

But the most amazing thing is the corn! Everyone who herd I was going to plant corn thought I lost it. Now look at it!

Now I need to weed! I think I will plant my pumpkins soon too!

1 comment:

  1. WOW...it's amazing how fast the corn grew....Will looks soooo little in there, he's going to need a ladder to help you.......good luck with the rest of the veggies.