July 26, 2010

Working Hard!

This weekend was a busy one once again.  It doesn't seem like we will ever have a relaxing one! 

It started on Friday.  I decided to take Will to the local park where they just installed some new playground equipment.  He hasn't been in a while because it has been so hot here.  That made this trip so much more fun!  He played and played!  By the time I told him it was time to go he just said "Ok." and headed to the truck.  When we got in the truck he said "Mommy, I am burnt out.".  So cute!!!  And he was!  He took a nap when we got home.  This child very rarely takes a nap now.  That afternoon we took a trip to visit some friends.  He played there until he was wore out again. 

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to.  This was for a one year old.  Thank goodness it was a fairly quick one and we where able to leave without much fuss.  Hubby had to go get working on his truck!

We got home and Hubby got to the task of fixing his truck.  (That thing is getting to be a big money pit!)  He had to change the starter and it turned out to be a hard, long, expensive job!  The only up side was watching Will "work on" his bike with Daddy's tools! 

He made names for the tools based on what he herd us call them.  Then he tried to figure out how each one worked and what he could do with them on his bike.  By the end of the weekend (It took more than one day to fix the truck) his bike was "fixed" and looking it's best and he was covered in dirt, sweat, and I'm not sure what else.  He was a mess, but had a blast helping Daddy! 

Today I have a house to clean, phone calls to make, and a few errands to run.  I don't think today will be any more restful.  I am hoping for a restful Tuesday or Wednesday!


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