July 21, 2010

Why A Rainy Day = Joy To My Dog!

My dog must be one in a million! I never would have though she would enjoy a rainy day like she does. After a good rain she is just dieing to go out side. Of coures I think she needs to go out to do her business now that the rain is over. I would be wrong!

She is killing me to go out because she wants to search for all the frogs and crawfish that come out after a good rain. The first thing she does is go to the edge of our property where we have a ditch dug to drain the water from our yard. She knows that the frogs hang out there and the crawfish aren't far away.

The frogs apparently have a bad affect on her mouth when she licks them. They make her drool uncontrollably and still she doesn't care. She plays with them until they are no longer able to hop or pretty much move. The crawfish are a different story though. They try to back up into the grass. She just digs them out. Then they stand up and try to pinch her with there claws. They usually make her holler a little when they grab her lips and hold on. You should see her swing them around. You can't help but laugh and then wrought her on because after that bit of pain the crawfish just inflicted, you want her to win! And she does. She eats everything but the claws! She just leaves them there as if to say "Let this be a warning to all you other crawfish. I will get you too and your claws are no match for me!"

I have come to think that she is a cajun dog. Only cajuns like crawfish that much! Here are a few pictures, so that you can see exactly what I'm talking about!

The Crawfish!

The Showdown!

The Crawfish has her by the lips!

But in the end the Dog WINNS!


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