July 7, 2010

Why Is This So Hard? I Would Have Been Thrilled!

Why is it that hosting a giveaway is so hard? I did my research! I did my post! And lots entered! I then chose a winner and nothing. My email or comment box heard crickets! So, I chose a second winner. (sigh) Again nothing. I would have been thrilled to win a $40.00 CSN Store Gift Card! So, why is it that I can't get a winner to contact me back?

Well, Colleen and Marla lost their chance! So, I have decided to give it to the first person who leaves me a comment and tells me they want it! There is a catch though! You have to have already entered my $40.00 CSN Store Gift Card Giveaway. If you entered it before it closed on July 30th and you are the first to leave me a comment on this post telling me you want it, then it's all yours! (I will check to make sure you previously entered my $40.00 CSN Store Gift Card Giveaway!)

Thank you to all who entered and Good Luck!
(CLOSED! A Winner has been found! And a consolation prize to the second commenter has been offered!)


  1. I would love to have it.

  2. Congratulations Shaunice! You won the $40.00 CSN Gift Card! I will be emailing you! You are a fast one!!!

  3. i entered and I wanted it!

    Thanks for the chance!


  4. I take it back... I must not have entered *your* giveaway... there are so many CSN ones out there!

    Sorry 'bout that!

  5. Laura I sent you an email offering a consolation prize! You are fast too! Thank you both for reading and entering my giveaway!!! You ladies rock!!!!

  6. That's crazy....CSN is wonderful so many great stores.

  7. Ah that is a shame. I wish I would have gotten to my computer sooner! Congrats Shaunice. Glad someone who appreciates it wins after all!