July 27, 2010

As Random As It Gets

Today I just have some random rambling about my life.  You can read along if you like.

1. How hard is it to get FOX where you live?  Apparently we have to pay outrageous and still don't get the local FOX chanel.   I spent HOURS yesterday on the phone with two different satellite companies and an online company affiliated some how with one of them.  After all that I thought I had it, but then Hubby tells me he doesn't want it because it is a FOX out of Chicago and so when the Saints games come on they will not be played because the Chicago are wants to watch their team not the Saints.  He only wants FOX for the Saint's games, so that wasn't going to work.  Finlay I decided to stay with the satellite company I am with so I don't have to make a 24 month commitment to the other one.  The plus side to all this was that I got my bill lowered by $18.00.  Go got rid of the Starz channels and then found out they had been charging me for something they discontinued.  (They just never told their customers that the charge for that particular thing was discontinued.  You actually had to call them to have the charge stoped on your bill!  My question is "How long have I needlessly been paying for this?")

2. My phone was also burning up with my insurance company.  Hubby has to have the windshield of his truck changed in order to have it inspected.  He just didn't tell me it needed to be inspected by the end of this month.  I will be on the phone with them again today.

3. It was nasty rainy out side, so Will and Charlott where stuck in the house.  Will got to play watch too many cartoons and play with play-doh, the dog just watched me with a boring look on her face as I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, then moped the floors.  She found the vacuum cleaner and the wet floors a little fun though.

4. Today I get to wash clothes and do more cleaning.  The kids get to stay inside again most of the day today.  I also have to think of something to cook for dinner!  I am limited since I have made up my mind not to go to the store and spend any more money at the moment.  The car needs gas in it too!

5. Will refused to clean his toys up last night until the very last minute and so, missed his bath (he didn't get dirty yesterday anyway).  Today he is driving me crazy about why he can't have a tattoo.  When I explained to him that it won't stick because he is dirty, he asks me why I would dare say he is dirty.  I kindly remind him he didn't take a bath because he didn't clean up his toys in time.  Oh! he said and walks away.  I'm sure that conversation will repeat itself  many times today since it isn't even 9:00 am yet!

I hope everyone else has a great day today!


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