July 31, 2009

An Ideas?

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how I could go about losing a few pounds. I have been telling myself that I would lose a few pounds for a good 2 or 3 months now. I have not really tried yet. I would like to lose 10 lb, but I am trying to be realistic about it. I don't want to go on a crash diet. My body will not be able to handle it. I have tried in the past. Not a good thing.

I am borderline type 2 diabetic. This means that as long as I stay healthy, eat good, and exercise to an extent I will be fine. I have had very few problems since my son was born. Thank the Good Lord I am on the better side now.

I think I will start with cutting out all soda and any extra calorie stuff. Soda will be my hardest part. I love Dr. Pepper. I have 2 a day. Not a lot you say? Well, It must be too much. I even considered going to diet soda. I am not sure. At first I may just do the water thing.

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas for me. I will let you all know how everything goes.

I also wanted to update everyone on our friends that came over to watch the Nascar race, and started having contractions. Well the Nascar Baby was born Thursday July 27, 2009 at 7:55 am. His name is Jason. His middle name is still up for debate. Personally I think his dad will get the name he wants. He was 7 lb 15 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. He and mom are doing great! We visited yesterday evening and all was well. I don't think his big sister is ready for a little brother though. This will be interesting.

Free Mars Bars

Don't Forget today you can get your coupon mailed to you for FREE candy bars. This is from Mars Real Chocolate Relief. Hurry it is from 9:00 am ET to 11:59 pm ET or until they run out!

July 30, 2009

Sunday Paper Coupons!!!

The word out is that there will be 4 coupons inserts in the Sunday Paper! They will be 1 Smart Source, 1 Red Plum, 1 P&G, and 1 Unilever! That is a lot. I can't wait!! I love to coupon. I just love the feeling of leaving a store when you got out with a $10.00 plus savings and a few free items. I am still learning to coupon. The really good coupon girls put me to shame. I do what I can. My husband makes the money, so I feel it is my job to save money when I can. It just makes me feel better about the money thing. When I first stopped working, Wow I was crazy with the money problems. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that his money was now our money. I did not have money that was just my money any more.

Well, I got off subject here. I just wanted to tell everyone to get your coupons this Sunday!

July 29, 2009

A Meal for $5.00 a Person

I was given the opportunity to challenge myself to make a meal for $5.00 a person. I decided to make tacos. My family loves them. This was going to be a challenge. My family eats a good bit. I had my father-in-law over for dinner too. My husband said he can smell tacos from miles away! I had to invite him or deal with his wrath later. This gives me two large men, a two year old, and me to feed.

I started adding up the price of my ingredients as I cooked. This is my list.
  • Ground Meat - $1.69 lb x 2 lb = $3.38
  • Taco Seasoning - $0.50 x 2 packs = $1.00
  • Corn Tortillas - $1.29 -$1.00 coupon = $0.29
  • Cheese - $2.50
  • Lettuce - $1.29
  • Tomatoes - Free from great neighbor's garden!
  • Sour Cream - $2.00
  • Oil - $2.00 for 48 oz divided by 5 oz = $0.21

My total came out to be $10.67 divided into 4 people. WOW! I feed 4 people for about $2.67 a person!!! That is better than I thought! That wasn't so hard. I did get a lot of my ingredients on sale.

I will keep challenging my self, but now I also challenge you! Let me know if you can make a meal for $5.00 a person. I know it was just tacos, but its a start!

I Found It!

I have been searching the kitchen high and low looking for my little green handled knife! It has been missing for days. I emptied all the kitchen drawers and looked through all the little places it could have been put. My worst fear was that Will had it. I looked in his room and all. He loves to play like he is cooking. He has never taken anything out of the kitchen other than my containers, but you never know. Finally I found it! We never ever throw out left over pizza in this house! That is my rule. I love pizza. Well Monday I made a home made deep dish pizza. I never thought to look in the large container dish the pizza was in till today. When I pulled it out the ice box and went to wash it guess what I found. My knife. I never asked my hubby where my knife was because it was never on my mined when he came home late from work. I am so glad to find it. My kitchen is my favorite room in the house. It is my room. I have a few things that are my prized possessions, and they are all in the kitchen. I have a set of knives I like and two really good pots I got on sale from QVC. My favorite thing is my KitchenAid stand mixer. I drooled over that for a long time before it went on sale!

This is a picture of my son loving the container set I was given for Christmas about 5 years ago. We just pulled it out. I had no use for it before, but I am a pack rat. My husband needed some just this size for his new lunch box. Will just likes that the base spins!

Just a quick side note: My hubby was laughing a good bit when he read most of my last posts. When I asked him if I was that funny, he told me that it was my spelling. I was always a bad speller. This didn't surprise me. What surprised me was that spell check is apparently not that good either. So, after many years of grade school, technical school, collage, and work I still can't spell. Well how many school years has spell check had? Apparently not enough to help me! LOL!! So, I am sorry to everyone who has had to suffer through my blog. I hope at least you can laugh along with us.

My New Sisters

As many of you know, I recently joined Mom Bloggers Club! So far I think that it is fabulous. I have met a ton of new people and found lots of great blogs that I didn't know was out there. I have been welcomed with open arms. Moms have to be the greatest people on earth! Everyone is so nice and willing to help. I am very grateful to all the Moms who have contacted me, left me great comments, and who have checked out my blog. A Big Thank You to you all. You are now my sisters. I have renewed hope for my blog. At first I just thought I would write my feelings and no one would care. I have found out many bloggers find what I have to say interesting. More importantly, I have found great blogs that I enjoy. So, now I spend my mornings reading other blogs before I even start on my own. I would recommend the Mom Bloggers Club to every mom out there. I have found new sisters to add to my growing family.

Great Coloring Pages

I have found a site with great coloring pages. I have been using this site for a while. I print the learning coloring pages for my son. This is one way I have been getting him to learn his letters. It is fun to color and then hang on the ice box for everyone to see. When he walks through the kitchen I sometimes ask him what each letter on the ice box is. When he gets them all right we move on to new letters. He has learned a good bit of his letters. More than half of them. The site is Fisher-Price . They have other coloring pages with their characters such as: Little People, Power Wheels, Print and Color Cards, and much more.

July 28, 2009

I Love eBay!!!

I have been selling and buying on eBay for some time now, and I love it. I have had very good luck with it. I thought that I would share my most resent find with you. My son love love loves Bob The Builder. Well, I have searched the closest shopping cities around. I don't know why, but Bob is just not that popular any more. I can't find anything with Bob The Builder on it. Friday I won this great jacket from seller oreo146. I paid only $3.25 for it and $2.07 for shipping. Bonus: I had $1.26 in eBay Bucks. So, my final price was $4.06.

I got it in today and love it. My son has not seen it yet or he would want to wear it in our 100 degree heat. I think I will save it and pull it out as a big surprise the very first time it gets a little cool. (That seems like forever.) It is a good thing it's a 3t. He is still in a 2t at the moment. We all know how fast that could change. By the way I am still searching for the "Keep your baby from growing up and growing away from mommy" shot or pill. I wish someone would make that for me. Lol!

I also have been going to the Good Will stores around and found this great buy for the amazing price of $5.00. The best $5.00 I ever spent.

A Bob The Builder sleeping bag that we open and use as a blanket and a Bob The Builder pillow case!

July 27, 2009

No Other Feeling Like It

There is nothing that feels like a clean house. When your dishes are all done, clothes all washed, floors all moped and vacumed, and bedding clean, you just want sit back and smell all the clean sents in the air. Well, the candle I have burning that smells clean. All the other smells are about to be replaced by the smell of chicken being fried. We do love fried foods. That is why we are not very small people. Lol :) Just thought I would let the world know how good it feals to have a clean house! I can't wait to sleep in my clean bed tonight. I'm pooped!


In my eyes, I feel that God has given me the greatest gifts of all. Those gifts are my family. I do the best I can to take care of my gifts. This is why you will never see pictures of my son's face on this blog. I am protecting the greatest gift that God has given me. I don't know who are what is out their on the big old Internet. Not that I think everyone is out to get me or my family, But I have heard horror stories. I have no interest in being involved in any real life CSI. (You do know that some of the CSI tv show episodes are based on things that really happened.) To scary for me!! So, I will have pictures of events and so on as I talk about them, just not of my son's face. This is just my opinion, and I am not judging other people who do put pictures of their children on the Internet.

Thank You for all understanding,


*****Free Magazine Subscription*****

I found a free magazine subscription to America Baby . This is a great magazine. I love it. I also love Parents Magazine, but that is not free. You can get a discount on it through this same sit though. Look around the site while you are there. They have a daily giveaway and lots of information.

What A Weekend !

This was a crazy weekend. We had decided to just rest this weekend and do nothing. My hubby has been working his tail off at his new job. So, It was not the restful weekend we planed. Saturday started with a little garage sale shopping for me and my cousin. I scored a little basketball goal for my son. It was $1.00, can you believe it. It needs to be cleaned but that is nothing a little bleach, soap, and water can't handle. Then I found a ton of baby blankets for my cousin who is going to have her first baby. A Girl!! The first girl I get to really buy for. So far in my husbands family we have had a lot of boys. I had my son almost 3 years ago. Now I have 2 cousins pregnant and one with a new born. I also have at least 5 other friends who are pregnant. This is why you see so many post for baby products on this site. LOL!

Any way, when I got home from garage saleing my father-in-law was at the house visiting. After he left we finally just sat around and soaked up the A/C. But, that didn't last long. We had friends come over later. My husband is an awesome musician and has many people wanting to hang out and play or listen to him. So, that is what happened. Before I knew it we had a crowd, and good food was cooked, music was playing, and kids where having fun in the yard. It was great. The only down side was that it lasted to 1:00 am. Normally this is not bad, but we did have a few little ones who still needed a bath rally bad and where wound up.

The next day we got up a little to late for church, but not for Wal-Mart. My hubby stayed home (like the good man he is) to cut our grass and do yard work on out 2 acres of land. I took Will and we went grocery shopping for the week. Well needless to say, I spent more than I should. Its not all my fault. Wal-Mart had summer toys on sale. Will had some money from his Pee-Paw to spend. It was not enough for all the bubbles and stuff he wanted. Since it was all on sale I couldn't pass that up either. I got home just in time to finish the cleaning of dishes and floors form the night before. The Nascar race was coming on, and friends were on their way again.

This was some of the same friends that where here the night before. Well, with all the friends that I have that are pregnant. They are one set of them. She has a scheduled Cesarean for Thursday. But, she was having contractions at our house. (You knew that was coming didn't you!) After the race (how could men ever leave a Nascar race before it was finished) they left to pack her bags and headed to the hospital. The baby was not born Sunday. They sent her home, and now we wait! Wow, that made me tired again just remembering it all.

Today I clean house. Our family had a good weekend, and all is fine. I will let you all know when the Nascar baby is born. They all say he just was excited to watch the race and was upset because his driver didn't win!

July 24, 2009

Elmo Bag-Tag

Get this so cute Elmo Bag-Tag for your little one. Will has one and loves it. He knows it is his bag and gets really excited. That bag means we are going camping!!! Also get coupons on Nursery Water for all your baby's needs.

Sonic Coupons!

Sign up to become a Sonic Cruisers Member and get coupons sent to your email. So far I have gotten one every month. I even get emails about special deals for the month. This month I got a coupon for any regular size Limeade Sonic Chillers for 99 cents! I printed it and will use it soon. I can't wait!

*******Samples of Formula*******

Samples of formula are handy to have. Here are a few I have ran across.

Parent Choice Formula from Wal-Mart.

Enfamil has a special offer of printing a certificate good for a free sample of an Enfamil Product.

Member's Mark also has a free sample.

July 23, 2009

My Little Library Champion!!

I am the proud mom of a Library Champion!! My heart swells!! My little Will has completed the Library Summer Reading Program in our town. He can not read yet, but he sure likes to be read to. He read (well listened to me read) 20 books and he attended all the programs. Each week someone different came to read, sing, and entertain our lovely children. Bless their hearts. Will loved it. The first week Harvey Rabbit and Friends visited.
The second week was George Millican the Magician. On the third week we had a visit from Caption Papillion the Pirate.
That was by far Will's favorite. He still talks about him. The forth week they had Rosa Metoyer read to us. The fifth week was Fun Day with three of the Louisiana Forest Rangers teaching everyone a little about the Cajun Culture and Cajun Music. The dancing was a blast! The sixth week Johnette Downing came to entertain our group. The seventh week was the Ending Party and it was a very fun day! All the kids that completed the reading program where put into a drawing. Prizes where given and a cake was cut. What a wonderful Program! A big thank you to all the people who put this together and all the business that helped to put the summer reading program in to action.

Huggies Coupons

This is a good place to start getting great Huggies Coupons. You just fill out your information and they will mail you coupons and other special offers! I don't know about you but I love to get great coupons in the mail. I will be searching for free huggies diaper samples also, so keep checking back!

Johnson and Johnson Coupons

For all those looking for great coupons, you can find Johnson and Johnson coupons
here. Thy include coupons for a total of $9.00 off.

  1. $1.00 off - Johnson's Head-To-Toe Foaming Wash

  2. $1.00 off - Any Johnson Shampoo

  3. $1.00 off - Desitin Ointments-Original, Creamy, or Clear

  4. $1.00 off - Johnson's Moisture Care Wash or Baby Cream

  5. $1.00 off - Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath and Wash

  6. $2.00 off - Johnson's Bedtime Gift Set or Two Johnson Bedtime Products

  7. $1.00 off - Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Wash

  8. $1.00 off - Johnson's Baby Oil-Baby Skin Care

Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel Giveaway

Everyone loves those baby soft hooded towels right! Well Nichol at Kiddies Corner Deals is giving one away. They come in two sizes, babies and toddlers, and eleven different patterns. Her giveaway ends August 5 at 10 am. Don't miss out! Check out everything Bebe au Lait has to offer. They have tons of O So Cute things.

July 21, 2009

A Great Bloggiversary!!!

There is a great Bloggiversary going on for Resourceful Mommy! It is her one year bloggiversary! She is giving away lots and lots of stuff. Check her out. Her giveaway includes something for everyone. Her site is as great as her giveaways! Good luck to everyone who enters. I hope she has a great bloggiversary!!!

The Terrible Twos!!!

Well the terrible twos have finally hit! The crazy thing is that Will has been 2 for a long time. Next month he will be 3. I have no clue at what to do with him now. We have tried everything. He was on his knees night before last for 45 min. He dos not understand the concept of being quiet. The more well tell him to stop crying, screaming, and talking the more he does it. I know I am not alone in the terrible two phase, but sometimes I just want to pull all my hair out. We don't want him to be spoiled. That is one reason we are so hard on him in this new stage. We have been in the presents of children who get away with anything. They are not that pleasant to be around.

Needless to say, We have been going over and over in our heads what we could do to stop the whining. He was such a lovely child before this stage. Now I just wonder what is around the corner. I was always the mom with such a good little boy. Now I am the mom with her little boy on his knees for throwing rocks, in the parking lot of a shopping center. Wow. When will it stop. Most people say never. Others just look at me and smile. Their faces overjoyed with my misery.

July 20, 2009

New Blog Under Construction

This new blog is under construction! Please visit me later to see the finished product. This is my first blog ever. I hope you all like it. For advice please let me know at savingmomssanity@gmail.com .