July 29, 2009

A Meal for $5.00 a Person

I was given the opportunity to challenge myself to make a meal for $5.00 a person. I decided to make tacos. My family loves them. This was going to be a challenge. My family eats a good bit. I had my father-in-law over for dinner too. My husband said he can smell tacos from miles away! I had to invite him or deal with his wrath later. This gives me two large men, a two year old, and me to feed.

I started adding up the price of my ingredients as I cooked. This is my list.
  • Ground Meat - $1.69 lb x 2 lb = $3.38
  • Taco Seasoning - $0.50 x 2 packs = $1.00
  • Corn Tortillas - $1.29 -$1.00 coupon = $0.29
  • Cheese - $2.50
  • Lettuce - $1.29
  • Tomatoes - Free from great neighbor's garden!
  • Sour Cream - $2.00
  • Oil - $2.00 for 48 oz divided by 5 oz = $0.21

My total came out to be $10.67 divided into 4 people. WOW! I feed 4 people for about $2.67 a person!!! That is better than I thought! That wasn't so hard. I did get a lot of my ingredients on sale.

I will keep challenging my self, but now I also challenge you! Let me know if you can make a meal for $5.00 a person. I know it was just tacos, but its a start!


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