July 27, 2009

What A Weekend !

This was a crazy weekend. We had decided to just rest this weekend and do nothing. My hubby has been working his tail off at his new job. So, It was not the restful weekend we planed. Saturday started with a little garage sale shopping for me and my cousin. I scored a little basketball goal for my son. It was $1.00, can you believe it. It needs to be cleaned but that is nothing a little bleach, soap, and water can't handle. Then I found a ton of baby blankets for my cousin who is going to have her first baby. A Girl!! The first girl I get to really buy for. So far in my husbands family we have had a lot of boys. I had my son almost 3 years ago. Now I have 2 cousins pregnant and one with a new born. I also have at least 5 other friends who are pregnant. This is why you see so many post for baby products on this site. LOL!

Any way, when I got home from garage saleing my father-in-law was at the house visiting. After he left we finally just sat around and soaked up the A/C. But, that didn't last long. We had friends come over later. My husband is an awesome musician and has many people wanting to hang out and play or listen to him. So, that is what happened. Before I knew it we had a crowd, and good food was cooked, music was playing, and kids where having fun in the yard. It was great. The only down side was that it lasted to 1:00 am. Normally this is not bad, but we did have a few little ones who still needed a bath rally bad and where wound up.

The next day we got up a little to late for church, but not for Wal-Mart. My hubby stayed home (like the good man he is) to cut our grass and do yard work on out 2 acres of land. I took Will and we went grocery shopping for the week. Well needless to say, I spent more than I should. Its not all my fault. Wal-Mart had summer toys on sale. Will had some money from his Pee-Paw to spend. It was not enough for all the bubbles and stuff he wanted. Since it was all on sale I couldn't pass that up either. I got home just in time to finish the cleaning of dishes and floors form the night before. The Nascar race was coming on, and friends were on their way again.

This was some of the same friends that where here the night before. Well, with all the friends that I have that are pregnant. They are one set of them. She has a scheduled Cesarean for Thursday. But, she was having contractions at our house. (You knew that was coming didn't you!) After the race (how could men ever leave a Nascar race before it was finished) they left to pack her bags and headed to the hospital. The baby was not born Sunday. They sent her home, and now we wait! Wow, that made me tired again just remembering it all.

Today I clean house. Our family had a good weekend, and all is fine. I will let you all know when the Nascar baby is born. They all say he just was excited to watch the race and was upset because his driver didn't win!


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