July 27, 2009

No Other Feeling Like It

There is nothing that feels like a clean house. When your dishes are all done, clothes all washed, floors all moped and vacumed, and bedding clean, you just want sit back and smell all the clean sents in the air. Well, the candle I have burning that smells clean. All the other smells are about to be replaced by the smell of chicken being fried. We do love fried foods. That is why we are not very small people. Lol :) Just thought I would let the world know how good it feals to have a clean house! I can't wait to sleep in my clean bed tonight. I'm pooped!

1 comment:

  1. I know the feeling! With 4 boys it is hard to keep the house clean for very long, but I do love when it is super clean! :)
    Following you from MBC!