July 29, 2009

I Found It!

I have been searching the kitchen high and low looking for my little green handled knife! It has been missing for days. I emptied all the kitchen drawers and looked through all the little places it could have been put. My worst fear was that Will had it. I looked in his room and all. He loves to play like he is cooking. He has never taken anything out of the kitchen other than my containers, but you never know. Finally I found it! We never ever throw out left over pizza in this house! That is my rule. I love pizza. Well Monday I made a home made deep dish pizza. I never thought to look in the large container dish the pizza was in till today. When I pulled it out the ice box and went to wash it guess what I found. My knife. I never asked my hubby where my knife was because it was never on my mined when he came home late from work. I am so glad to find it. My kitchen is my favorite room in the house. It is my room. I have a few things that are my prized possessions, and they are all in the kitchen. I have a set of knives I like and two really good pots I got on sale from QVC. My favorite thing is my KitchenAid stand mixer. I drooled over that for a long time before it went on sale!

This is a picture of my son loving the container set I was given for Christmas about 5 years ago. We just pulled it out. I had no use for it before, but I am a pack rat. My husband needed some just this size for his new lunch box. Will just likes that the base spins!

Just a quick side note: My hubby was laughing a good bit when he read most of my last posts. When I asked him if I was that funny, he told me that it was my spelling. I was always a bad speller. This didn't surprise me. What surprised me was that spell check is apparently not that good either. So, after many years of grade school, technical school, collage, and work I still can't spell. Well how many school years has spell check had? Apparently not enough to help me! LOL!! So, I am sorry to everyone who has had to suffer through my blog. I hope at least you can laugh along with us.


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