July 23, 2009

My Little Library Champion!!

I am the proud mom of a Library Champion!! My heart swells!! My little Will has completed the Library Summer Reading Program in our town. He can not read yet, but he sure likes to be read to. He read (well listened to me read) 20 books and he attended all the programs. Each week someone different came to read, sing, and entertain our lovely children. Bless their hearts. Will loved it. The first week Harvey Rabbit and Friends visited.
The second week was George Millican the Magician. On the third week we had a visit from Caption Papillion the Pirate.
That was by far Will's favorite. He still talks about him. The forth week they had Rosa Metoyer read to us. The fifth week was Fun Day with three of the Louisiana Forest Rangers teaching everyone a little about the Cajun Culture and Cajun Music. The dancing was a blast! The sixth week Johnette Downing came to entertain our group. The seventh week was the Ending Party and it was a very fun day! All the kids that completed the reading program where put into a drawing. Prizes where given and a cake was cut. What a wonderful Program! A big thank you to all the people who put this together and all the business that helped to put the summer reading program in to action.


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