July 30, 2009

Sunday Paper Coupons!!!

The word out is that there will be 4 coupons inserts in the Sunday Paper! They will be 1 Smart Source, 1 Red Plum, 1 P&G, and 1 Unilever! That is a lot. I can't wait!! I love to coupon. I just love the feeling of leaving a store when you got out with a $10.00 plus savings and a few free items. I am still learning to coupon. The really good coupon girls put me to shame. I do what I can. My husband makes the money, so I feel it is my job to save money when I can. It just makes me feel better about the money thing. When I first stopped working, Wow I was crazy with the money problems. I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that his money was now our money. I did not have money that was just my money any more.

Well, I got off subject here. I just wanted to tell everyone to get your coupons this Sunday!


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