August 31, 2010

I Just Knew it!

I'm back from my little break, or as I have been calling it, my little vacation from blogging.  I was getting worn out and spending way too much time on the computer.  I follow so many great blogs and was having trouble keeping up with them all.  So, if you haven't seen me commenting on your blog in a long time that doesn't mean I haven't been reading it.  I have also missed quite a few posts from many of my favorite blogs.  This break I took helped me realize that it was ok to miss a few posts.  I even missed a few giveaways (gasp!), but it's ok!  I'm back and better than eve!

One thing that I did recently that surprised the pants of me was, spend more time with my dog.  I didn't realize I was neglecting her too!  I started taking her to the gas station and the bank.  That is when I realized my bank is the best! I always knew it!!! They never do me wrong and everyone loves me and my little boy there.  Now they have come to love Charlotte!  I was floored when I went to the drive through with her and they gave her a treat!  Will always gets a sucker, but I never thought they would give out dog treats too!  That is so cool!!!!

Now if Charlotte knows I'm headed to the bank (or anywhere really, she loves to ride) she is jumping in the truck before I can think twice.

I just knew I had the best bank!!!


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