September 1, 2010


My little man turned 4 yesterday!  I can't believe that it's been 4 years since God gave me my beautiful little baby boy!!!  WOW! Talk about thankful!  Today I am doing my Thankful Thursday post. (Early I know! I couldn't hold it in any more!)

I remember all my life wanting a child.  I always wanted to be a Mommy.  I dreamed of it.  I prayed God wouldn't allow me to go through my life on this earth without a child I could call my own.  What few people know is that, I never expected to get find the love of my life and get married.  NEVER!  I looked into single parent adoption very early.  I was barely 20 and doing research.  I knew it would be hard, but I was determined.  I started setting up my life for that very purpose.  I bought my first vehicle, then house, and saved! saved! saved!  I was going to have my child!

Then I met Kenny.  My world turned upside down when I realized we loved each other and was really going to make a life together.  We both wanted a child in time.  Then, I got the news (very unexpectedly) that I had the very beginning stages of cervical cancer.  It was taken care in one outpatient visit.  The doctor was great and knew cancer when he saw it.  He had it taken out before the results even came back confirming it was cancer.  (The results did confirm it was cancer about 6 weeks after he had removed it.)  They advised me not to get pregnant for at least a year.  The cancer could come back and affect the pregnancy.

So, we waited and waited.  Meanwhile few people knew what was going on.  So, to everyone else who didn't know, we just kept telling them we weren't ready for a baby when they would ask "When are you going to have a little one of your own?". 

A year later we started trying to have a baby.  I prayed so hard! It took a little while (that seemed like forever), but it did happen.  Now we are blessed with our little boy!  He is 4 years old and the greatest blessing in our lives!  He is so perfect for us.  God had everything in His plans.  I just had to learn to be patient and trust in Him! 

To this day I am cancer free!  I have truly been blessed!!!  There may not be any more children in our future, but I have all I need right now!  Happy Birthday Will!!!!

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  1. Praise God for blessing you with Will, happy birthday to him.

  2. Praise God - what a wonderful testimony of God's Grace and Power! Rejoicing with you today!

  3. Joshlin, wonderful post.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.


  4. THANKS BE TO GOD! What a wonderful testimony.
    So glad the Lord healed your cancer and blessed you and your husband with a baby boy.
    4 years old. Oh my, they grow up so fast. Once they hit school age the years fly by! Happy TT.