September 22, 2010

Garage Sale!

I love garage sales!  It's a good way to find things at a really good price. 

I have been going through my son's outgrown clothes and items in my house I don't use.  I have been pricing and re pricing.  My problem is that I never know how much to price an item.  To me they are sometimes worth $2.00.  To others they may be worth $0.75. 

So my question today is...."How do you know what to price your items in a garage sale?".

I have until next weekend.  I have house hold items, lots of clothes, my son's old shoes (name brand light up shoes at that), and lots of odds and ends. 

I hope to do well.  All the money will go to getting my son new clothes for winter and things like that.  I will be hitting my own garage and yard sales soon too.

1 comment:

  1. Garage sales are stressful! I'm having one next spring. I always price a tad bit high but they can knock down the price. I suck with prices though. $2 jeans, $1-1.50 tops, and just depends on the household items. Shoes if they are still in great shape $5