September 13, 2010

The Color House

Have you ever seen one of those play houses made of card board?  I have seen pictures.  It makes you wonder though.  A house made of card board.  Can it really stand up to a 3 year old.

We visited cousins a while back and they had one.  It took some time to set it up.  Imagine one of those paper dolls you had when you where young.  They had tabs on the clothes that you had to bend around the doll to keep them on.  Well, this had tabs that worked the same way.  The only difference was that the tabs had holes you bent them and then put them into.  The chimney didn't have any tabs to hold it on though. ? .  So the wind kept blowing it off.

After about 15 minutes the house was put together.  It had pictures of fish and sea life printed on it, so we gave the kids markers and let them color the "house".

They had a blast, but the house didn't hold up to a 12 month old, 3 year old, and 6 year old.  After it was colored and played with, it was headed to the trash.  It was a good few hours though.  Too bad they didn't have insurance on it. LOL!


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