September 7, 2010

3 Hours and About 8 Colors Later....

This weekend was a busy one for us.  Not because of Labor Day weekend.  No...we had our own holiday to celebrate.  We had Will's 4th Birthday Party this weekend! 

I planed, I cleaned, and I made a cake.  I always make Will's birthday cake.  Not always because I wanted to, that's just how it fell.  (long story)  Since last year I started feeling really good about making his birthday cake.  Each year now, I have been getting better and better.  Last year I made him a Bob The Builder cake, but this year was all about Lightning McQueen!  He had a Cars table cloth, balloons, toys, shoes, clothes, tattoos, stickers, and of course Cake!

I got the Lightning McQueen pan from amazon and got to work.  I didn't realize he was made with so many different colors.  I though I would need mostly red.  Well, was I wrong.  Apparently he is made of about 8 different colors.  They are white, blue, dark blue, red, dark red, black, yellow, and orange.  I had icing and food coloring everywhere.  About 3 hours, at lest 8 piping bags, and 3 tips later I had a cake worthy of my son's birthday!

He had so many friends and family come to celebrate his birthday with us!  Here he is opening his gifts....

And this is some of the water balloons that the kids had fun playing water balloon wars with.  They also got to play on the slip and slide.  We had hot dogs, chips, meatballs in bar-b-q sauce, and cake for everyone to eat too. 

Will had such a fun day.  He got to spend time with family and friends and play, play, play!  What more could a little boy want.  He got the Little Tikes Mud Pie Maker he has been wanting forever and a CARS Tackle Box!  He is such a loved little boy!


  1. that is really an awesome cake!

    i wish i had the patients to do something like that

  2. You did a great job on the cake, I could never do that! How fun. Happy 4th birthday to him, we did Cars for Gavyn's 4th!

  3. That cake is awesome!!!! I plan to try and make my oldest a football cake in January! Eee!