August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!!!!

My baby boy turns 3 years old today! I am so proud of him. He has grown into a healthy, happy, smart beyond belief, loving, caring little boy. At the same time I feel like crying. Where is my baby and him little diapers and baby bottles. He gave those up a long time ago. Now its big boy underwear and real food for him. I am such a cry baby.

We had his big birthday party Saturday. All our family and friends came over to our house. I made him a Bob The Builder cake and he got tons of gifts. His big gift from us, his Pee Paw and Mee Maw (hubby's Parents), and Paw Paw Billy (my Dad) was a ride on John Deere Tractor. He has wanted this for over a year. It was always out of your budget. But with our parents help, this year he finally got it.

I wanted to surprise him with it. I wanted to get it, put it together, and have it charged for him in the morning. Well, it did not happen this way. Hubby wanted to give it to him right away. So Friday evening, when hubby got off of work, we rode out to Walmart. Of course they did not have one. We came home with a very upset little boy. We called every Walmart on this side of Louisiana. Finally we found a store that had one. I raced over to get it thinking Will would fall asleep waiting for me. I was wrong. That child stayed awake until I got it home and his Daddy put it together. That turned out to be 1:00 in the morning. He said he just wanted to sit on it. So Cute!!! And So Annoying by 1:00 am!!

This is Will at 1:00 am. Sitting on his new tractor in his Bob The Builder PJs.

The next day everything went so great. He had his party and lots of kids to play with. We made hot dogs and had cake. That evening we cooked for the friends and family that stayed to visit. Its not everyday we can get so many loved ones together in one place. All the preparations and cleaning before and after were well worth it.

This is him opening one of his many gift from friends and family. He had so many gifts he got tired of opening them and wanted to stop so he could go play.

Happy Birthday Will!!! We Love You!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your cute little boy!!

  2. AAWW tell him I said HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY! He looked like he had a blast!