August 24, 2009

WOW!! The Weather is Amazing!!

I just went out side to put my trash at the road, and I was blown away. The weather in Louisiana has been! The last few days have been so great though. We had a cool front come in and now all the humidity is gone! This is so great!!!! It is like 75 degrees out at 10:00 am. Not the usual 89 degrees at this time.

I felt like I walked out of my house and into a different state. Louisiana is known for being hot and humid. Well today is not that way. The only down fall is that the oceans are so hot. They have been telling us on the news that the gulf is so hot, that if a hurricane comes this way we are doomed. We should all be praying right now. My hubby said he thinks they are just trying to scare us. He could be right. I am a big believer in the government hiding some things and making others out to be far worse than they are, just to keep our minds off the things they are doing.

That is enough of that. That would be a whole diffident blog. I am not getting into that now.

Today is a gorgeous day though. I hope everyone else has a great day! I am so happy about the weather I even tweeted about it on twitter!


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