August 7, 2009

My Week

Ok! Ok! I have not updated a post lately. I have been reading a great series of books. I will let you know all about it when I am done. I feel that in the mean time I am not giving Will the time he needs from me. I took him to the library one day this week. He loves the library. This was a bummer of a trip. They have a computer set up for small kids that helps them learn letters, numbers, colors, and such while learning to use a computer. He just likes to be able to play a computer that he wont get in trouble for messing with. Well, they only have one of these computers and a little girl was on it. He waited and waited and waited. But this little girl could care less about taking turns. Her parent was no where to be seen. Even though they have a sign right over the computer that said Do Not Leave Children Unattended At The Computer!

So we came home after I did my errands in town. He did get a sticky ball out of a machine at Market Basket though. He loves those things. He usually gets a sticky hand. He was so excited with the ball. He is still playing with it. He throws it on the wall and it just sticks to it. Slowly it will roll down the wall. He even make it stick to the ceiling. It hung out there for hours. Until my hubby came home to get it down.

He wanted to play outside every day this week. He is an outside loving kid let me tell you. It was so hot that I let him play for 20 min. one day and then made him go inside. His little cheeks where so red. His hair was matted to his head. Oh, my little baby!

The next day was a little cooler, so I put sunscreen on him and we ventured outside. My truck could use a good wash, so I pulled out the water hose and a bucket of soap. We had a truck washing/get wet and cool party right there in the yard! That was fun.

Tomorrow we plan to spend time with our friends that just had the baby. He will have a good time there. And he doesn't know it yet, but my cousin and I are taking him to the Baton Rouge Zoo. He will love it. I will post about it on Monday.

To update on my hubby's Grandmother. She took a turn for the better. She opened her eyes and tried to talk. Well the doc said this is good, but it is only a matter of time. So, we wait and pray that God is doing what is right. I know she is in his hands.


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