August 24, 2009


As I have said before, my son's birthday is at the end of the month. Well, he finally understands the whole birthday party thing. To him a birthday party meant we get to eat cake. Birthday cakes were what he looked forward to. He would go to a party, and sit as close to the table with the cake on it as possible. He would just wait until it was time to cut it. He did not want to be left out of that.

Now that many people have asked him what he wants for his birthday it dawned on him. He gets gifts. He lets me know that he wants everything. He has even told me he wants the little shredded wheat guys on the commercial that help the kids get through the day at school. Wow, to be that age again. Everything seams possible.

He never thought further than himself when he thought about birthdays. He is only going to be 3, so I just had to laugh when he thought the whole world was celebrating his birthday and no other. He was so confused when we told him yesterday was his Pee Paw's birthday (hubby's dad). We did finally get through to him though. That is when he got excited. He helped me make the birthday cake and all. Pineapple Upside Down cake was his birthday cake. It was so good too.

Today is Paw Paw Billy's birthday (my dad), and tomorrow is Aunt Jenny's birthday. We have a lot of celebrating to do. But, Saturday we will have Will's big birthday party. This will be the best of all. When you are 3 you get a lot better party than when you are 52, 53, or 35. As the case is with the names above. Although Aunt Jenny will give his party a run for its money. She is renting a chalet and will have a big pool party.

Next year will be crazier. With all the baby showers going on, we will have lots more birthday parties to go to.


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