August 18, 2009


Gratitude is the only word that I can come up with to explain how I feel at this moment. The Lord has given me so much! We found out my hubby has high blood pressure. Well, today he saw his company doctor. He was given a prescription and now we wait to see if it helps. I have tried to cook with less salt. He has tried to be less stressed over little things. He has been working hard and loosing weight. Now it is in God's hands. The best place for it to be.

Our son is healthy, smart, active, and precious beyond belief. God gave him to us to love, care for, and protect. I think, with his help, we have done a good job so far. I have been doing great with my health also. I am still on the borderline of type 2 diabetes, but I never have been past the borderline. And, I have not had any trouble with it since Will was born. I have also been cancer free for over 3 years now!

We have a great family and great friends. God has definitely blessed us. We have been through hard times like everyone else, but we have made it through. I am sure we have lots of trials before us. I am also sure we will get through those too! I am blessed with being able to stay home with our child. We are blessed with a good home, my husband's job, vehicles that work and have gas in them, bills that get paid (eventually), food in our refrigerator, and people around us who love us.

God does love us and has blessed us!!!! Even in our darkest times, I remember God's love being with us. I pray now that everyone else feels the love that we have continually felt from the Lord or God!

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  1. Hi Joshlin! Thanks for friending me on Mom Bloggers! Thank goodness for God and the strength He gives us to get through rough things like health problems. I'm so happy to hear you fought cancer and won and were blessed with a child on top of that.

    Take care and I look forward to more good reads from you :)