August 17, 2009

Allergies and Sinuses!!!!

Well this weekend started out as a miserable one. Friday I was around the rice bins. My dad works on a rice farm and they are full swing into rice cutting season. So, the only time I can see him is when I go to the bins. This is the very place that my allergies started to act up. All that rice dusts! I was just asking for it. That night I could feel my sinuses draining down my throat. I have been on a low dose of over the counter allergy meds. for a while. I took that and a low dose of benadryl with it. I also gave Will his allergy meds. It is only a mater of time before his sinuses go crazy too. This I was not happy about. No mother ever wants to see her child hurt. Last time his sinuses acted up he ran a high fever and all.

By Saturday morning I felt like I was velcroed to the bed. I could not move for the first 20 min. after I woke up. My hubby just reminded me once I got up I would feel better. Hard to believe, especially while lying there, but he was right. I got up and tried to eat and move around. I took more meds. and waited for Will to wake up. I was very concerned about how he would feel. When he did wake up he was fine. I was very glad but still skeptical. How long before he felt as bad as I did? This had me watching him all day. After lunch I was feeling a bit better. Due to my meds. I am sure.

We had a baby shower to go to, and since we would be in the one town over 50 miles away that had all the stores, we wanted to take advantage of that. So, we did our shopping for Will's birthday party in two weeks. We also visited with our friends that live in the area. Will never showed any signs of getting sick, but I was still worried. The next day I had a shopping trip planed with my Nanny and my cousin who asked me to be the Nanny of her baby. I would have had to leave Will with my hubby because they had no room for him. But, with my head feeling like it would explode at any minute, I didn't want to leave him just as he may be feeling bad. So, I stayed home with him. I took more meds. and gave him his. Sunday morning was a lot like Saturday morning. But, I got up and got dressed and went to church. Then we just stayed home and rested. My hubby, who very rarely get sick, cut grass and cleaned the yard. We had friends come over to visit that afternoon.

All turned out well. I felt like crap and still do, but Will seems to be ok. I must have saved him some misery when I started his meds. when I did.


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