August 10, 2009

Our Zoo Trip!

Sunday my cousins and I brought our kids to the Baton Rouge Zoo. The kids had a blast! They got to see tons of animals. My favorite was the giraffes. I think Will's favorite was the giraffes also. When you ask him he just lists as many of the animals he can remember. But, when he saw those tall giraffes from across the way he just couldn't contain himself. That was my highlight of the day.

This was a great trip for him. He had been to a zoo before, but this zoo was 100 times better. Almost every exhibit was full. He saw a wide range of animals. They even had a place where you could pet some of the animals.

The only draw back was that it was hot. Very hot. The zoo may be one of those places that you just have to go in the fall or deal with the heat. They did have cooling stations though. With misting fans and all. That was nice.

The very last thing we did was ride the little train that goes through the zoo. Will loves trains. This was the perfect end to out zoo trip. We rode the train and got a little cool breeze at the same time.


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