August 21, 2009

Cooking With My Little Man

My son loves to cook. He has always been fascinated with the kitchen. When he was in a walker he would stay in the kitchen while i cooked. I just thought he loved me so much he wanted to be in the same room I was. Well, now I know. He was just learning the fine art of not burning himself. I was a good one to learn that from. At that time I was just learning the same thing. So, he learned as I did. He should know how to not cut himself too by now. Ha! Ha! This is the very reason I have at least 4 boxes of band aids and 2 Aloe Vera plants.

He is now at the age where I can let him help in the kitchen. I often try to make things he can help me with. Not with supper or anything like that, but with other things. We have made pudding together before. I thought that that was a good place to start. Now he has helped me make Rice Krispie Treats. I don't exactly think that they are all that great, but he loves them. I added a little peanut butter to them and he tears them up.

Today we made banana muffins together. He mainly just stirs. I had bananas that needed to be eaten or go bad, so I thought this would be fun for him to do. I didn't really have a banana muffin recipe, so I just made one up. I have to do some modifications to it now. I learned that I didn't need to use all 3 bananas and I may not really have needed the applesauce I added ether. I would love to find a great cook book that has recipes made for kids. This may mean a trip to the book store in a few weeks.

They fell a little because I opened the oven and showed them to Will. You live and learn! Next time he will just have to look through the oven door.


  1. My older son LOVES the kitchen, too! He is only 4, so I usually just let him measure and pour ingredients - no heating or cutting yet. He does try to convince me to let him use the stove and microwave... not yet!

  2. Ok, now I am hungry! I haven't made rice krispie in years!! I wonder if I still remember how. My son who is 10 loves to bake...cakes, brownies, ect. What are you baking next?