August 18, 2009

So Young and Easy to Please

At 2 years old, ( ok almost 3, I just can't let my baby go) Will is so easy to please. At a young age simple things can please children. When I told my son I would make him popcorn if he ate his dinner, Well you would think I gave him the world! He said "I love you mommy! You make me so happy!". What could I say to that. I wish popcorn would still make him happy at 10 or 12. I have a feeling it wont though..... Oh that is enough! I should be happy with my baby in the present and not worry about him getting big and leaving mommy. :( I just can't help it.

So, back to the popcorn. While it was only microwave popcorn he kept telling me "Mommy you make the best popcorn." My heart sings I tell you. He is so precious. You would never know that only an hour before this I took a quick trip to the local grocery store, and he took advantage of Daddy. He did something he would have never done if I was around. He marked my ice box with a marker! Daddy was not happy when he saw that. Will got a good time out on his knees for that one. But, as soon as I got home he surly let me know he was bad. I tell you that child can not lie. He was so sorry. His eyes filled up with tears as he told me what he had done. I could not be mad at him as he explained he would never ever do it again. He was just so darn cute! Daddy had cleaned up the mark and all was well. This may be another reason he has been hugging and kissing me constantly since I got home. I did not punish him again.

Now he is at my side playing I Spy with me as I type. So cute!! I am truly Blessed!!

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  1. That is such a sweet story! It sounds as if you are truely blessed!