August 27, 2009

Yard Work

Today was the day I planed to cut the grass in the yard. It rained a lot yesterday and I was not sure it would be dry today. I wanted to get the yard ready for Saturday. This is the day we will have Will's birthday party!

He has talked about this party non stop. He is so excited. I am too. How could I not be. He is my only little man. I only get to celebrate my child's birthday once a year. Even though I have trouble accepting the fact that he is growing up and no longer really a baby, I still want to give him the best memories possible. My goal in life is to be a great Mother and Wife! I want that to be my greatest accomplishment.

Back to the yard. Will loves to cut grass. So, he rode on the mower with me almost the whole time. I do hold on to him really tight. I am a paranoid mom, but I can't deni him the joy of riding along. After the yard is cut he gets his toy lawn mower out and pretends he cut the yard all by himself.

Yes he is pretending to cut the dirt and rocks in the driveway too. He is thorough.


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