August 12, 2009

Schwan's Came Through!

Today was the day that I was supposed to get my Schwan's delivery. They had the $10.00 in free food for new customers. Even the delivery was free! Can't beat that! So, I had to try it. I ordered chocolate cookie dough. Mmmm. Well I was not charged anything and the man just pulled up about 30 minutes ago. I got a box of pre cut cookies. WOW! I thought it was just going to be this big tub of cookie dough that I would have to break a spoon to get it out.

On the Schwan's web sit they had all kinds of good looking food for under $10.00 that I could have bought. I chose chocolate cookie dough because, well why not. Life is to short to not have enough desert in our lives. Besides, I could not have ordered anything better for my little boy. He could not wait for the cookies to be done. Then when he found out he had to wait for them to cool. He!He! You should have seen his face. I made 2 dozen right away. Bless the Schwan's man! He even gave me a catalog and told me I could order any time online and he would gladly deliver. I think a certain 2 year old got the best of him. Will's eyes where about to pop out of his head when he saw that truck pull up in our yard. He even stood at the door and watched it leave. I think in his mind that man was as good as Santa! I think next time I order I will try their Monster Mania Ice Cream Pizza. That just looks and sounds like a little bit of heaven!


  1. it sounds yummy!! found you on mbc and became your follower. visit my blog: :)

  2. Thank you for making me hungry!!!! I use to get Schwans also but we never knew when he was coming, so it didn't last long. They do have good pizzas!!