September 6, 2010

She Is Such A Good Girl!

Charlotte has come a long way in 5 months.  If you remember, we rescued her from being put to sleep.  She was scheduled for one more week of life.  We got her from a worker at the Humane Society.  No one knew her exact age or if she had had any vet visits much less shots. 

We adopted her and got her shots and figured with she is now around a year or so.  In those 5 months she has been house trained and know knows the boundaries of our yard.  She stays out free in the yard as long as we are outside.  She loves us and plays well with Will.  She knows who her Momma is though and is now a Momma's girl. 

She makes me so proud.  All the work of potty training has paid of and she listens better than Will does.  I often refer to her as my fur baby.  Will considers himself my skin baby.  I know have my boy and my girl and couldn't be happier.  I just wanted everyone to know how good my little girl has become!

1 comment:

  1. YAY! i love coming across awesome stories about dogs getting a 2nd chance @ life

    i can't wait to get a dog! my son's still a little too small and i have a new one on the way so maybe this time next year we can find our fur baby