September 3, 2010


Do you remember I once told you I wanted to trying to flatten my belly a little.  I thought doing the Kroger Wight Loss Challenge was going to help, but no.  I tried to eat healthier.  With my garden doing so well, I have been eating so many fresh vegetables.  I have been buying fresh fruit.  I eat only wheat bread (almost all the time).  I try to portion control.  Non of it really helped.  I got myself a pilates DVD and started doing it as much as I can.  (I don't like to do it when Hubby is home.  I am way to self concise.)

All of this and nothing.  I feel the burn and the hunger.  Yet, I have not seen a difference.  I don't really know if I lost any weight because I don't own a scale.  I just know my body looks the same to me and my clothes still fit the same. 

Then I get a phone call yesterday.  My neighbor wants to know if I want to start walking with her in the mornings.  The silence on the phone is deadly.  I try to think of a good excuse.  None come.  So, I agree and try to put a good spin on it.  So the road is extremely dangerous with it's one lane and NO LINES.  So I have to get up earlier than normal.  So what! I can do it.  Maybe I can even talk her into going to town and walking at the park.  Oh!, and waiting to the afternoon!  Unlikely, but I can try.  The walking will be good for me!  That's what I need to keep telling myself, and I will have someone to do it with.  I am so lazy!  I'll keep you updated to weather or not I go walking and if it helps.  Hopefully I don't get ran over first.

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  1. Walking is one of the best exercises to get rid of belly fat. Try adding fresh ground flaxseed to your meals(2T a day) and eat a protein every meal, even breakfast. I have lost all my weight and kept it off. I snack 3 times a day on things like fruit, Luna Bars, smoothies, and almonds. You'll get there!