October 14, 2009

Apple Pie

As you all know, my son loves to cook. He has been asking me for some apples, so when I saw them on sale at my local grocery store I bought them.

I knew he probably wouldn't like them just as they where. He doesn't seam to like crunch fruits and veggies for some reason. So I decided to make an apple pie with them.

He did try the apples as they where, twice that day as I cut them up. Just as I thought, he didn't like them. He did want to help me make the apple pie though. He got to roll out the crust for me and all.

Yes I have a pink silk rolling pin and mat. I bought this before I realized I would have a boy and he would like to help me cook. He doesn't seem to mined the color though.

When it was don he tried it as a pie, and loved it. I mean he tor it up! I thought he might like it cooked and soft with all that cinnamon, but he surprised me in how much he liked it.

I usually do a double crusted apple pie, but I tried a crumb topping for a change. He especially liked this. I think we surprise each other. He didn't think he would like it cooked and I didn't think he would like it as much as he did. What a silly little boy I have!

I thank the Good Lord that something as small as an apple pie can still surprise us and make us as happy as it did.


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